Keeping Elderly Loved Ones Safe and Healthy This Winter Season

If you have elderly loved ones in your care, keeping them safe and healthy becomes even more important in the winter. There are a number of things they may need, with different people and situations requiring various solutions. There are, however, some methods that cut across a majority of cases, and five of them are listed below.

Schedule Their Medical Checkups

A medical checkup is an important part of life for everyone, and even more so for elderly people. Help the elderly person in your family maintain their health by scheduling their medical checkups for them. Take some time to figure out when their last checkup was, and find out if they have any issues that may need immediate evaluation. With around 28.8 million adults in the U.S. who could benefit from getting hearing aids, your elderly loved one may have developed issues that can be fixed at their next appointment, so don’t delay setting it if they need help doing so.

Keep Them Warm

The temperatures get low in winter, and this can be a source of discomfort for people of all ages. Make sure that the elderly person in your family has warm clothing and bedding that is cleaned regularly. Get them a heating pad and electric blankets if necessary, and explain the safe usage of these items to them. This will help them avoid potential issues that come as a result of exposure to cold, and they will stay healthy and happy throughout the winter.

Drive Them Where They Need to Go

Whenever possible, find out if they need to be somewhere and drive them there. This will be especially helpful for those with conditions that leave them confused and disoriented, as these could affect their ability to follow road rules and drive safely. If they’re able to drive themselves, make sure that their cars are serviced and have some emergency items in them at all times. On American roads, over 38,000 people are involved in fatal crashes each year, so take all possible measures to ensure that your elderly loved one is safe on the road.

Encourage Them to Stay Active

A little light activity is important for everyone in the family, and not just for physical health but for mental health as well. Depending on their physical condition, the elderly loved one in your family can benefit a lot from moderate exercise as well as mental exercises like solving puzzles. They will also enjoy the company of fellow elderly people, parishioners from their local church, a good movie, or even an entertaining book. Find out what interests them, and you can use this information to get the right thing for them that will help alleviate their boredom.

Prepare Healthy Meals for Them

The final point is to make sure that the elderly loved one in your life has access to healthy meals and a balanced diet. Take care to maintain cleanliness when preparing and serving the meals, keeping in mind that viruses that cause the flu can survive for up to 48 hours on a hard surface. Find creative ways to prepare fresh and healthy meals for them as often as possible, or hire someone to do this on your behalf. Remember that a healthy and well-fed person has better immunity, so they will be able to fight off most infections.

These five easy tips should provide a basis for the care you can provide for the elderly loved one in your life. With your help, your family member will remain safe, healthy, warm, and happy this holiday season and beyond.

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