Knowing How and When to Help an Addict

Would you know how to help an addict?

Addiction can often be a pretty taboo topic. But so many people across the world suffer with addiction on a day to day basis that it needs to be something we open up about a little more. After all, the more we talk about addiction, the more we can understand it and the better we can help an addict in our lives who might be struggling with it.

Help an Addict

For now, let’s take a moment to look at the opioid epidemic in Utah in particular. Opioids are often prescribed, as they are substances that have a morphine effect on patients experiencing pain. Doctors write prescriptions for opioids regularly, as patients are often in need of heavy pain relief.

However, as well as the benefits that they offer (in terms of pain relief), they can be highly addictive and many patients can become addicted to opioids pretty easily.

Of course, weaning yourself off a prescribed medication can often be difficult. Addicts will often think that the medicine can’t do them harm, as it has been given by a medical professional. But if they start abusing the medication – taking too much or feeling that they need to take it to have a normal quality of life – they may not be taking it as prescribed by the doctor.

It is important that people in this position receive the help they require to overcome their addiction and lead a happier and healthier lifestyle – not dependent on an addictive substance. The infographic by Acqua Recovery Center below will be able to give you more information on this.

Infographic Design By Aqua Recovery Center

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