Learn To Paint Like A Professional

Do you want to learn to paint like a professional and add value to your home? Painting your home is a simple way of updating it or giving it a completely new look. But hiring professional painters can cost a lot of money, which isn’t ideal if your finances are tight. 

By learning to paint your home yourself, you can save a lot of money and time and make sure you get a professional result for your home. 

Ready to get started? Here are some tips to help you learn to paint like a professional.

Paint roller putting blue paint on the wall

Prep thoroughly

Proper preparation is what can make a difference between an average and outstanding paint job. To prep you’ll need to thoroughly check all of your walls to sand them, scrape them and fill in any cracks, holes or dents you might have. Preparing your room for painting will give you a great surface to start with, making the end result much smoother.

Choose high-quality paint

The paint you use can make a big difference to the quality of your work. As you’re saving money by doing it yourself, why not splash out a bit more on a paint that has great coverage and a better finish? Be sure to pick up a couple of samples and allow them to dry so you can see the colors in different lights and pick the best match for you.

Invest in the right tools

Buying the right tools and equipment for painting will set you back at first, but if you make an effort to look after them, you’ll be able to use them again and again. Some of the essential items you’re going to need include:

  • Buckets, trays
  • Paint rollers
  • A variety of brushes including chip brushes for touch-ups and hard-to-reach jobs
  • Rags and kitchen towel
  • Masking tape or decorators tape – this will help you achieve perfect edges
  • Protective clothing for you.

Protect your flooring and furniture

When you hire professional painters for your home, you expect them to protect your furniture and only paint your walls. Painting your home yourself leaves you at risk of spills or getting paint in places you really don’t want it. Make sure you protect your flooring and furniture by using canvas coverings and some sheets – you can double your protection if you’re particularly fearful! Try to move as much furniture out of the room as possible and learn to deal with paint spills quickly and effectively – it’s easier than you think!

Painting the different rooms of your home is a great way to change how it looks and leave it looking fresh and new. When you buy a new home, you’ll want to put your own stamp on it straight away, but if funds are low from the sale, then a DIY paint job is the simplest way to get it done. Painting your own home can be very satisfying and fun, so why not invite friends and family over to help out and transform your home in no time?

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