Lessons Learned from a Centenarian


Love, Life, & Lucille – Lessons Learned from a CentenarianUncovering the Secrets to a Long and Meaningful Life

I received a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own!

Love, Life, & Lucille:  Lessons Learned from a Centenarian Book Cover

An unlikely friendship with a spirited centenarian culminates into valuable lessons for personal growth, love, true friendship, and balancing work and family.

Author Judy Gaman has uncovered Lucille’s secret, and you will find it here within these pages. This book is a peek inside a life well lived. As you will see, Lucille is a prophet, a philosopher, and a storyteller. She is aspirational, inspirational. We all want what she has.”

Suzanne Somers, actress and author of Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness

As a determined professional in her forties, Judy Gaman didn’t realize that she was trapped in an unrelenting and all-too-common cycle of workaholism, something she inherited from both her parents. She spent so much time keeping her head down and pursuing her professional dreams that she lost sight of the little things in life that really matter.

While writing a book about longevity, Judy met centenarian (100+ yrs in age) Lucille Fleming in Dallas. Lucille was larger than life, and what was supposed to be a short meeting turned into an inseparable friendship. The two bonded and through their shared stories, they learned that true friendship knows no age. They also discovered that the human experience, regardless of generation, has similar milestones that shape our lives and make us who we become.

Lucille’s lessons would ultimately help Judy break free from the chains of workaholism. But, it wasn’t until Lucille’s death that Judy realized the importance of the first lesson Lucille ever taught her. Love, Life, & Lucille highlights the core of Lucille’s secret to a long and meaningful life.

What initially attracted me to this book was the fact that I worked with an older woman who taught me a lot about life. In part, she reminds me of Lucille. What I didn’t realize was that I share a lot of Judy’s traits. I was a workaholic (until a life-altering event). Sadly, I didn’t take a lot to heart of what I learned from my own Lucille.

I’m usually not too fond of memoir-style stories as I feel they are full of things to fluff the story without adding to it. This one was fun and entertaining. I’m sure there could be an entire series on lessons from Lucille. When I finished, I was left wanting to learn more of this wonderful woman’s lessons.

The time frames in which the two women were raised and lived are completely different from my own life experience. I was able to take my own lessons away and am currently developing ways to implement them. 100 years seems like a long time; but, honestly, it flies by as long as your having fun!

My greatest takeaway is that we all need a Lucille in our lives. We need someone to remind us that worry is for the birds and that working our lives away isn’t where it’s at!

About the author

Judy Gaman is an award winning author, public speaker, and CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas. She’s spent nearly a decade offering advice on longevity and vitality as a voice of The Staying Young Radio Show, which was nationally syndicated on 58 stations.

When not working on the podcast Stay Young America!, she serves as a healthy living expert for Fox News and other media outlets. Judy is a five-time author and has appeared on Fox News Radio, Good Morning Texas and San Diego Living, among numerous other outlets.

Judy also tours as a public speaker, and has been entertaining audiences of all sizes for years. She crafts her presentations around engaging and easy-to-understand concepts including longevity, vitality, and healthy living. Her presentations touch on topics like curing workaholism and burnout, while still being a strong leader.

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