Looking After Your Garden this Summer

Looking after your garden is an enjoyable task that you can look forward to year-round to produce the best veggies, fruits, and flowers!

Looking After Your Garden

If you have a garden, you’re in an extremely lucky position! You have an outdoor space to call your own. Somewhere to relax and kick back in the summer months and for little ones to play out in the snow during the winter.

However, with a garden comes a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to maintain it, but you may also want to take extra steps to make it look as good as possible and meet all of your personal needs and preferences. This can be complex, but don’t worry.

Maintaining a beautiful garden year round is a feasible task. You just need to know what you’re doing. Here are a few steps you can take to look after your garden and create the outdoor space of your dreams!

Getting to Grips with Landscape Design

If you want to go above and beyond the basics, you’re going to want to collaborate with a landscape designer. These professionals go beyond basic gardening and add a special touch to your garden, making it truly yours!

What is Landscape Design?

So, what actually is landscape design? Let’s start out by clearing up some common misconceptions. Many people assume that landscape design is just a fancy way of saying “gardening”. Sure, a landscape designer will probably engage with gardening to an extent, but landscape design does vary significantly. Put simply, gardening entails the bare basics of making a space look presentable. It can involve mowing the lawn, watering plants, pulling up weeds, and other simple tasks.

Landscape design, on the other hand, involves looking at the actual design of the garden. It is an art form! A landscape designer will rearrange and completely up-haul your existing outdoor space and transform it into something beautiful!

What Can a Landscape Designer Do?

A landscape designer can take a completely blank canvas of an outdoor space and make it something really exciting – a space that you want to spend time in and show off! They can arrange to add patios, they can have ponds and water features fitted, they might add in flower beds, vegetable patches, lighting, decking, and more. Whatever you want in your garden, a landscape designer can help to make it look good!

What Should You Look for in a Landscape Designer?

Choosing a landscape designer can be a lot more difficult than finding a gardener. Not only do you need to find someone with good recommendations and reviews (so you can count on the quality of their work and know that you’re making an investment), but you also need to find someone who has a similar outlook to you and can gel well with you preferred style – there are so many different ways a garden can look that you’re going to want someone who specializes in the aesthetic you’re aiming for. Texas Primos Landscaping are a good place to start!

Maintaining Your Garden

Gardens can often prove difficult to look after throughout the year. But whether you’re a pro gardener or a novice, there are plenty of different things that you can do to help maintain your garden through the seasons!

Keeping Up Contact with Your Gardener

The easiest way to maintain your garden is to keep up contact with your gardener. The majority of us have busy schedules or simply don’t feel like gardening. A professional gardener will be able to keep on top of things and make your garden presentable at all times! Consider paying them to come over a couple of times a month to mow the lawn, pull any weeds, and take care of the basics.

Winter Maintenance

Winter is the hardest time of year to look after your garden. The weather means you probably don’t want to head outdoors for extended periods of time as it is, never mind having your hands out digging in the dirt. There are a few tips and tricks you can try out to help your garden tide over until the Spring. One step to take is to lay down mulch over your flower bed.

Flowers in particular are generally extremely prone to frost as the temperatures begin to drop and the frost begins to settle on the ground. Avoid losing your flowers by laying down mulch over the bed. This will prevent the soil from being touched by frost and can also stop soil from compacting under snow. Mulch also prevents over logging with water during periods of heavy rain.

Another step to take is to invest in hydroponics. While the majority of us tend to associate hydroponics with specialist gardeners growing tomatoes. However, if you have other soft and vulnerable plants, hydroponics can help them too! Bring them indoors over the winter months, but make sure they’re not too warm in your home. Specialist hydroponic equipment will then help to provide them with the conditions that they need to flourish and grow.

If you don’t have room for this in the main body of your house and have a little more money to invest, you can invest in a greenhouse instead. A greenhouse will create the perfect outdoor space to help your plants grow well over the winter!

Of course, these are just a few steps that you might want to take when it comes to looking after your garden throughout the year. There are plenty more options out there and steps that you can take to make your garden go above and beyond! But these basics should help to craft out an outdoor space that you’re proud of, can enjoy, and genuinely want to spend time in. Remember, it’s never too soon to get started!

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