Looking After Your Skin as You Get Older

The skin is a sensitive organ of the body. Unlike other organs the skin is visible and requires regular attention to stay healthy and hydrated. The skin also goes through many changes as we age, especially as one decade of life turns into another. If you don’t have an effective skincare routine established your skin may not age as well as you hope. 

In this article we go through the various decades of life and look at how the skin progresses. In your twenties for instance you may not think about your skincare much at all, but in your fifties it might require additional attention. The best advice is to look at your skincare needs today and implement a routine that will serve you going forward. 

How to care of your skin at 20, 30, 40, and beyond:

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When you’re in your twenties you tend not to think too much about the condition or health of your skin. For years there’s no change to your skin at all so it’s easy to become complacent and to think that it will never change. This is not the wisest attitude, however, the skincare choices you make at this time can impact your future. 

In your twenties you tend to drink alcohol, spend time in the sun without skincare protection, and don’t use products if you don’t have too. Unfortunately this may result in fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear as early as your late twenties, but certainly in your early thirties.

The good news is you can delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles by taking good care of your skin in your younger years. Use products designed to protect the skin and nourish it and always use sunscreen, especially on your face. 


If you’ve looked after your skin well in your twenties you may not see the appearance of line or wrinkles until your mid thirties. Conversely, you may already be familiar with them from your late twenties if you don’t have an established skincare routine. But even if you do you will notice line and wrinkles at some point in your thirties. 

The lines and wrinkles first appear on the brow and around the eyes. Some products are good for masking these and you can find the best makeup for green eyes at the link. Even if you notice these lines appearing it’s still not too late to establish a skin care routine that hydrates and supports your health or your skin. 

When you get into your forties your hormones will start to change and skincare becomes more challenging. Beginning a skincare routine in your thirties is an excellent way to prepare your skin for the coming changes and avoid the worst of its effects. 


Women’s bodies start to cancer in their forties. The menopause begins and estrogen levels start to decrease. This causes a drying out of the skin which contributes to more lines and wrinkles as well as creping in the neck. All in all your skin can start to look older very quickly, but there are ways to meet the challenge. 

Start by using a hydrating skin product along with one that contains collagen. When you go through the menopause you need to add extra moisture to the skin to make up for the change in hormone levels. You also need to add collagen to the skin to make it firmer and protect its youthful appearance. 

When you get into your forties you will benefit from an established skin care routine. If your skin is well looked after you might only have to tweak your routine slightly to accommodate the new processes. Otherwise it’s time to establish a new skincare routine based on your present requirements. 


In your fifties it’s all about moisture. You need to make up for a lack of moisture following the menopause and continually assist it with collagen products. At this stage of life your skin may also lack a certain luster and start to sag in places. You will notice this most around your eyes and neck. 

In your fifties creams and lotions can only do so much. They may still be helpful, however, especially if they are hydrating and useful for collagen production. There is no reason to stop using creams and lotions, but at this stage of life it’s time to upgrade your skincare routine and introduce treatments. 

Talk to your dermatologist about what treatments are available for you. You might benefit from a face lift for instance, or some non invasive laser surgery. This is excellent for removing imperfections in the skin and encouraging collagen production.

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