Looking Past PSLs: Fall Flavors Without Pumpkin

Fall is finally here, and you know what that means: pumpkin-flavored everything. Pumpkin seems to be in just about every food and drink this time of year, from coffee to dinners to desserts and more. All that pumpkin can get a bit boring and bland after a while, the same as any one flavor or ingredient; according to a 2016 Trend Insight Report from Fona International, 40% of Millennials are bored with standard fruit and juice flavors. If you want to shake up your recipes a bit this fall, try incorporating some of these flavors instead of your standard pumpkin or pumpkin spice.

Apples and Apple Cider

Apples are also everywhere during autumn, and with good reason. Fall is prime apple-picking season, so instead of just picking up a bag of apples at your local grocery store, try picking your own for your next cooking or baking adventure. They’re bound to be fresher, sweeter, and full of flavor compared to your standard run-of-the-mill apple. Don’t forget about using apple cider as well for an extra punch of flavor.

If you’re short on creative ways to use this sweet fall fruit in your recipes, try out some caramel apple cider muffins!


Ginger is perfect for that extra bit of kick to warm up a fall dish. It’s not so much flavor that it can’t be easily added to a recipe, but it’s just enough to put a twist on something familiar. It’s also been shown to have plenty of health benefits, making it a popular choice for the 67% of millennial consumers who say they love ordering healthy options at a restaurant.

Try replacing ground and dried ginger from your spice rack with fresh ginger in your next fall recipe. If you’re worried about the flavor being too intense, try mixing it with some chocolate to sweeten it up.

Sweet Potato

For those who already love pumpkin but are getting a bit sick of seeing it everywhere, sweet potato can be a great swap for your sweet tooth. This hearty root vegetable is great for baking into other dishes or simply roasting on its own. It’s packed with more nutrients than your standard starch as well, helping you get the health boost your looking for this autumn.

For a simple and sweet treat, try roasting up some simple sweet potato wedges as a perfect side or snack. Dip them in maple syrup and you’ll forget about pumpkin spice entirely for the rest of the season.

Fall is chock full of flavors to experiment with, many of which are an excellently healthy addition to your diet. What fall flavors are you looking forward to this year?

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