Looking to Move? Here’s How to Be More Mindful Of Your Home’s Eco-Friendliness

Moving to a new area can be a tough choice, especially if you want to prevent serious energy usage problems or other concerns with your new home. The following mindful steps will help decrease your energy usage and ensure that your new home is more efficient and safe.

Build or Choose a Home With Energy Efficiency In Mind

When deciding to move to a new home, it might be worth building an entirely new house. Though this choice may seem expensive, it can cut down on your costs in a variety of different ways. Focusing on an energy-efficient home from the start will help improve your health and create more mindful energy use.

Even better, newly built homes have been shown to be 17% more energy efficient even if you don’t take extra steps for energy efficiency. This decrease in energy usage is due to recent building codes by various state and federal officials. These upgrades help to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for your needs.

Choose Energy Star Approved Appliances and Windows

New windows are an important way of improving your home’s efficiency and making your life easier. Few people understand just how much new windows can decrease their energy bills. The total savings can be surprising because they are often much higher than many may fully anticipate.

For instance, the U.S. Environment Protection Agency states that most people should be able to save up to $501 every year by replacing single-pane windows with new types. These must be Energy Star models to get this benefit. These savings often pay for your new windows in just a few years.

Consider Your Daily Habits

Most people have some wasteful habits that impact their green footprint and can cause troubles with their new home. This problem is somewhat complex and may be hard for some to understand, particularly if you have been enjoying the same habits for years without changing your life.

For instance, many throw away plastic every day without realizing that they could easily recycle it. Others may end up using too much water when they shower or hydrate their yard. These troubles can be easily avoided by adjusting your behaviors and focusing on decreasing your usage.

Plant Trees, Shrubs, and a Garden In Your Yard

New trees and shrubs provide your yard with extra green and a beautiful look that is hard to get in any other way. Just as importantly, these new growths can provide many benefits that you can’t get with other lawn upgrades. Fully understanding these benefits will make it easier for you to find trees that meet your needs.

For instance, new trees, shrubs, and a garden help enhance oxygen levels near your home and make it easier to breathe. Even more importantly, trees and shrubs attract beneficial insects that can help improve your yard. Intentional plant placement in your yard can also help cover your home during particular seasons of the year so that you don’t have to use as much heat or cool air in your home, thus decreasing your energy usage. Plus, a new garden will provide you with healthy foods that cut back on your grocery bills.

Utilize Tax Incentives

Over the years, the federal government has taken steps to help make home efficiency more affordable. For example, the United States Department of Energy offers many unique incentives for homeowners. One incentive program helps to reward those who make the hard choice of driving an electric vehicle.

If you apply for and get this incentive, you’ll receive up to $7,500 in federal tax credits for buying an electric vehicle. This program is just one of the many options you can choose, so research a few different options and see which meet your needs as a career person, parent, caregiver, and/or home buyer.

If these ideas seem appealing to you, make sure that you try a few to see which work the best for your needs. Then, you can balance your approach based on which works the best for you. If possible, try to utilize all of them, and you may be surprised at just how effective they are for your needs.

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