Loud Music: Why You Should Avoid It

Do you listen to loud music? Music is food for the soul and generally considered something that’s good for us. Listening to great music has all sorts of beneficial effects on your health, especially if you are listening to something positive. For instance, music has the ability to bypass the brain’s anxiety centers and help you feel better after a long, busy day. Music may even help children learn and improve brain power temporarily. 

However, listening to music at a high volume isn’t generally considered a good idea. That’s because it can damage the small sound-conducting structures in the ears. And eventually, that process can lead to hearing loss

Loud Music: Why You Should Avoid It

Wireless ear buds can having you listening to loud music

Listening At Low Volume

Living a healthy life is all about doing the things that we love in moderation. For instance, it’s a bad idea to do too much exercise as it can eventually overwhelm your body’s capacity to repair. Eventually, you wind up feeling exhausted, unable to train or go to the gym. 

The same applies to listening to music at high volumes. Some short-duration loud noises are okay. But listening to loud noises for longer than a few seconds can begin causing damage. And if the sounds are too loud, then it really can have an adverse effect on your hearing, even if it is brief. 

The problem with music is that the sounds that we hear are pleasurable. And so, unlike construction noises or loud vehicles, we don’t try to escape them. Instead, we want to listen for longer. 

And that’s where the trouble starts. If you and your family love listening to music, you could be at risk. 

Pay particularly close attention to children who use headphones. Headphones deliver sounds directly to the ears. And even though you can’t hear them if you aren’t wearing them, the noise level reaching the ears can be in the unsafe zone. 


So how can you and your family keep your hearing healthier and avoid the potential damage that loud earphones could cause?

One option is to stop listening to music through headphones and earphones as these tend to be the loudest. Doing this may prevent your children from developing hearing problems in the future.

However, most families will find this impractical. The other approach is to get noise-cancelling headphones. These help block out incoming sounds so that you don’t have to listen at such high volumes to block them out. Noise-cancelling headphones work by emitting sound frequencies that directly counteract incoming sound waves. They also have good insulation around the ears, making them a little bit like ear muffs. This means that both you and your kids can listen to music at relatively low volumes, even in loud sound environments. 

Protecting Your Hearing

Protecting your hearing is something that you can start doing at any age. And, in the long-term, it can make a big difference in the quality of your hearing. The best way to protect your ears is to avoid exposure to loud noises, especially those that last a long time. You can also educate your children about why it is important. 

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