Make Your Home Decor More Unique

Make your home decor more unique with these tips. Incorporate unique items you already own or learn how to find items while shopping!

Embracing interior design trends can be a great way to keep your home feeling stylish but it’s important to make your surroundings stand out too. Mass-produced furniture, artwork, and décor mean many peoples’ homes are almost carbon copies of one another. If you want to avoid a cookie-cutter feel, take the time to make your home feel more unique. For inspiration, take a look at these innovative ways to create a custom home environment

Brown and Grey Leather Sofa With Throw Pillows

Add personality

When you inject more of your own personality into your home, it can’t be replicated. By putting your own unique stamp on your environment, you truly make your home your own. A gallery wall is easy to create and can be filled with pictures, prints, and posters that are feature people and places you love. Alternatively, turn your hobbies into decorative features and use them to adorn your home

Find rare artwork

No home feels complete without the addition of artwork, but don’t buy the first thing you see. The internet is a great place to find rarer pieces, so get online and start searching for one-off paintings, original sculptures or even arrange to commission something unique. When you can digitally scour the globe to find artwork you love, you can take inspiration from any location. Australia artworks may remind you of an unforgettable gap year, the deep blues of the Cornish sea might take you back to childhood holidays and shots of the City may evoke memories of a whirlwind weekend in New York. No matter what style you enjoy, choose art that speaks to you and let it inspire you every day.

Go vintage

When you incorporate vintage furniture or accessories into your interior design, you have the opportunity to really create a bespoke feel. Combining different styles enables you to create an environment you won’t find anywhere else, so it’s ideal if you want to make your home more unique. 

As vintage pieces of often one-offs, they’re a sure-fire way to add individuality to a room. Furthermore, how you choose to fuse older styles with more contemporary design will make your home distinctive and original. 

Get creative

If you want to be sure that no-one else’s home can be mistaken for your own, then get to work crafting your own furniture, decorations, and lighting. No matter how much experience you have (or how little!), you can enhance existing pieces to create a whole new look. 

With plenty of online guides to get you started, you can learn how to upgrade furniture and furnishings to reflect your style and personality. 

Pro Tip: If you’re going to rework an existing piece of furniture or upgrade your fabrics, practice on a discreet area first!

Create an Inclusive Environment

If you share your home with other people, involving them in the process will make your home even more unique. Working with a partner, kids or roommate allows you to meld your ideas and designs and come up with something that’s innovative, original and utterly irreplaceable. 

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