Make Your House a Home Without Spending a Dollar

Discover a few tips for how to make your house a home without spending dollar!

Your house is the place you spend the night, prepare your meals and do many of the routine tasks that come with everyday living. Yet, a house is not necessarily a home. Making your house a home takes deliberate effort. A home has a warmth and sense of belonging that makes it a refuge from the chaos of the world out there.

Renovating or remodeling a house can put you back tens of thousands of dollars. So it’s perhaps understandable that whenever we think about making our house a home, the first question we’ll often ask is how much it costs. It’s difficult to imagine making any changes to your house that make it more inviting but without spending a dime. Yet it is possible. Here’s some ideas of how you can do that.

1| Rearrange the Furniture

Ever noticed that when you move houses, there’s a strong urge to arrange your furniture in much the same way you did in your previous residence? It’s that innate human need for predictability and going with the tried-and-tested. However, while a furniture arrangement may have worked at your previous place, the nature of your current house may call for a different set up.

Getting furniture arrangement right may mean trying several combinations until you find the one that maximizes your comfort. We often underestimate just how much the arrangement of furniture affects the ambience of a room. You’ll be surprised how dramatically different your home feels after moving a bed, couch or table. It can make the room seem new, fresh and even more spacious than before.

2| Display Your Favorite Gifts, Souvenirs and Photos

We consider our collections and photos as sacred. Unfortunately, this means packing them in boxes and keeping them out of sight in garages, basements and attics. It’s a wasted opportunity. Making your house a home is about changing how you feel when you are in it. Few things can achieve that more effectively than placing your favorite collections and photos in carefully chosen locations around the house.

Think about the pleasant memories that are triggered when you see that family photo, that sculpture from your African safari, a decorative dish from your vacation in Asia, the jewelry handed down to you through three generations of family, the trophy your child received from a swimming competition or a medal for exceptional service from an employer. Everyday life is already filled with disappointments and negative news. The least you can do for your house is to surround yourself with things that give you joy, satisfaction and motivation.

3|  Green It Up

Most of us love the outdoors. There’s just an invigorating yet calming energy that comes with walking past flowers, plants and trees. Why not bring that serenity to your home by making your indoors a microcosm of the outdoors? Greening up your house can inject some personality into the space and make it more alive.

Anything from flowers and pine cones, to twigs and garden plants, can transform your home overnight. Only make sure the bowls, vases, pots and boxes are well laid out. Don’t overdo it though as having too many plants indoors makes your space feel crowded. Watering the many plants can also cause the air to be overly damp.

4|   Clean Up

You might be thinking, “Well, thank you Captain Obvious!”. Still, ending up with a dirty house is not something anyone sets out to achieve. It creeps up on you. Sometimes the reason you don’t look forward to walking into your house is that there’s too much dirt and clutter. So make a habit of regularly giving it a thorough clean.

This would include washing curtains, cleaning and replacing bed sheets, shampooing carpets and wiping all furniture including any shaker style cabinets you may have. It’s not just the sight of a clean house that will make it welcoming—there’s a smell of freshness that makes it a space you want to spend hours in.

Making your house a home is not something you do once and forget about for good. Rather, you have to constantly be on the lookout for ways that make it a space you are always relieved to walk into. As the examples above show, it doesn’t have to cost you anything to do that.

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