Make Your Living Room Look & Feel Bigger in 5 Steps

Learn how you make your living room look and feel bigger in five easy steps! Try implementing one and discover what a difference it can make!

Millions of homeowners wish they had a bigger property. However, if there’s only one room that can be upgraded, the living room will be the prime candidate. After all, this is the space for family fun and relaxation. As the name suggests, it is the room for living. Sadly, it’s very hard to do this when the atmosphere is hindered by claustrophobic vibes. 

Make Your Living Room Look & Feel Bigger

So, how can you achieve a larger atmosphere without moving to a bigger property? Here’s all you need to know. 

Step 1: Choose Lighter Color Schemes 

When wanting to create a bigger looking lounge, natural lighting is your greatest friend. Lighter color schemes will reflect the light to create the desired vibe. As well as the walls, you must not overlook the significance of ceiling tiles or the right type of flooring. When this is combined with dressing the windows to allow increased light into the room, success is assured. On a separate note, this step can go a long way to making the living room look cleaner too. 

Step 2: Remove Clutter 

The physical dimensions of a room are almost irrelevant if it is overcrowded with items. Therefore, it pays to change your mindset by being prepared to get rid of clutter. Most living rooms are home to bulky furniture such as display cabinets that could be traded for shelving. Similarly, mounting a TV on the wall can be a far wiser option than persisting with the TV unit you currently use. Try to keep the walls uncluttered (a few photos and plaques are fine) for optimal results. 

Step 3: Select Retractable Furniture 

If your lounge doubles up as a dining room, you’ll want the opportunity to entertain guests when required. However, a large eight-person dining table takes up an unnecessarily large amount of space. Especially for an item that is only used in limited time frames. Opting for retractable tables gives you a greater level of control. A range of other furniture choices can follow a similar strategy to save floor space. In turn, even a cozy lounge can feel like a large living space. 

Step 4: Focus On Comfort 

When designing your living room, some of the steps utilized to achieve a bigger vibe can affect the comfort. This can lead you to stay cramped in a very small part of the room. An energy-efficient lounge can alter the appearance thanks to LED lights. Crucially, the savings and temperature control allow you to maintain a comfy vibe without any guilt. On the one hand, this creates a comfy feeling. On the other hand, though, it will encourage you to enjoy the whole room. Perfect. 

Step 5: Go Open Plan 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Adding a sliding glass patio door to the garden can be the perfect way to make the lounge look bigger as it combines the room with the deck. Another option involves breaking down an internal wall. This could turn the living room and kitchen or dining space into one big living space. There are pros and cons to consider, but there is no doubt that this route can make the room look bigger than it did previously. 

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