Making the Most of a Weekend in NYC

A weekend in NYC? Yes, please!When it comes to city breaks and travel bucket lists, most of us would say New York comes high on our wish lists. Some of our favorite TV shows are filmed or set in New York. We’ve heard plenty about famous hotels, attractions, shows and restaurants. You might know all about New York sports teams and stadiums, and you might have a massive list of things that you’d like to do and see if you ever make it.

But, a trip for a weekend in NYC can be expensive, and many of us are short on both time and money. You might not be able to visit for more than a few days. So, you’ve got a couple of days or a weekend in New York, but a list as long as your arm of things that you’d like to do. How are you going to manage

Make the Most of a Weekend in NYC

Prioritize and be Realistic

You’re not going to be able to do everything in a few days, and trying to do too much can mean that you are tired, stressed out and that you don’t give anything the attention that it deserves as you rush around. So, accept that you can’t do it all and make realistic plans. Look online before you go and prioritize the events and attractions that are most important to you.

Plan Your Trip

Looking online to decide what you want to do is a great start. But you can go a step further. Plan what you want to do and when. Plan your routes between attractions and study maps of New York so that you don’t waste time getting lost. Learn as much as you can about getting around the city and public transport. Being well prepared can save you time, keep you safe and help you to get more done.

Book Online

While you are researching online, why not go ahead and book some tickets for broadway nyc and other attractions. Booking online saves you time, can be cheaper and might even mean that you can skip queues.

Stay in the Right Hotel

Staying in a hotel away from the tourist hotspots can be a fantastic way to save money. But, it does mean that you will need to spend a lot of time traveling to and from your hotel each day. If you can afford to, stay in central Manhattan, in a hotel close to the places that you most want to see.

Pack Good Shoes

Getting around for a weekend in NYC means lots of walking. Even if you take cabs or public transport between attractions and events, there will be plenty of walking around museums, galleries and shops. Uncomfortable and impractical shoes will only slow you down. Instead, pack well worn in old favorites to keep you moving.

Take a Tour

A city bus tour can be a fantastic way to see a lot of sights in a short amount of time. Take your tour on your first morning in NYC, and you’ll have a better idea of where you are going for the rest of your trip.

Eat on the Go

Fancy restaurants are great, but do you have time? Instead, pick up hot dogs and pizza slices from authentic street vendors and eat on the go to save time.

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