Making Your Family “A Camping Family”

If you went camping when you were a child, then you’ll know just how much fun it can be! And of course, since you know how much fun it can be, you’ll have aspirations of taking your own family camping. However, it’s important to remember that this won’t just happen all on its own. You need to make it happen! One of the joys of going camping is knowing that it takes more effort than, say, just rolling up to a hotel in a major city. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a few tips for ensuring that you and your family get to spend many happy weekends sleeping outdoors!

Learn how to make your family a “camping family”!

camping family

Spend Time Outdoors

It’ll be asking a lot for your family to go from zero time in nature to full weekend camping trips. Before you plan those major overnight stays, look at spending some time in nature on a smaller scale. For instance, you could visit your local state park, or take a longer drive to visit a national park. While there, you’ll get a sense of which of your kids will relish camping and which ones might need a bit of convincing. 

Get the Gear

You can sleep anywhere, providing you have the right equipment. Indeed, of all the things that can make or break a camping trip, the quality of your equipment is right behind your attitude in importance. You don’t need to buy clothing and gear that’s fit for a trip to Antarctica. But neither will a light city jacket do. There’ll be times when you know that making the investment to buy something that little bit better was worth it. Say, when it begins raining in the middle of the night, but your tent is standing tall without letting any water in!

Reliable Vehicles

It’s easy to think that if you have all the right equipment, then you’ll be fine. But this isn’t really true. The vehicle that transports your equipment (and you and your family) is also key. You’ll run the risk of getting into difficulties if your car is unreliable. It’s fine if a car breaks down in the city; if you’re in nature, then things become a lot more difficult, a lot more quickly. If your current car isn’t up to scratch, then look at getting a vehicle that can handle the outdoors well, such as a Sierra 1500. You’ll feel more confident and more in control when you’ve got a robust and strong vehicle with you. 

Make it Fun

You might know that magic of spending a night or two under the stars. But your kids might need a little more convincing. When you take them camping, make sure you’re working to make it as fun as possible. Nothing will put your children off nature more than having a miserable time! They should be free to explore, relax, and all-around enjoy all the many fun things that nature offers. If they can, then they’ll love camping for the rest of their lives.

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