Mean Green Super Strength Uses for Outside of the House

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I’m back to share Mean Green® Super Strength uses for outside the home this summer! Back in the spring, I was super excited to share that I had been chosen as a Mean Green Ambassador. For this quarter, I want to show you the strength of these amazing products outside of our home from our automobiles to our farm gear. Check out how we’re cleaning things up outdoors!

Auto & Garage

Mean Green Auto Garage

Mean Green® Auto & Garage is a concentrated, multi-purpose cleanser and de-greaser that is going to quickly become a staple in your arsenal of cleaning products. Grease and grime are two of the toughest messes to clean – especially outdoors! Our life on the farm needs a good cleaner that can handle all of our messes. 

This summer has kicked off with rain – so much that it feels like spring! Out here in the sticks, we ride a lot of dirt and gravel roads and that leads to mud. Because of our busy schedule, we typically run our vehicle through the auto wash to save the time of a hand washing for family time. The car wash can never match the quality of a good cleaning that you get by hand. 

The Auto & Garage formula is specifically formulated to remove and dissolve petroleum-based grease, grime, and oil from an assortment of surfaces. After seeing how well the Mean Green® All Purpose Cleaner worked inside of our home, my husband couldn’t wait to see how it would tackle the dirt and grime on our vehicle tires. His work truck is 14 years old but once I sprayed the tires down with the Auto & Garage cleaner, he was impressed to see decade-old dirt rolling off the rims.  

Mean Green TIres Before After

Next up – my SUV. I work as the office manager for a steel fabrication company. The parking area is gravel. With large steel trucks delivering and picking up material, dust flies around the majority of th day. My SUV is a metallic-black and it is a magnet for that dust. My husband recently changed my back breaks, spreading the dirt around even more. This was a quick wipe-down as he was taking it to be serviced but I love the shiny rims and tire. Too bad it’ll be a few more days of rain before it dries up enough to make all four pretty!

SUV Tires

Inside + Outside Uses for the Auto & Garage

In addition to our automobiles, the uses for this gorgeous, purple-hued cleaner are endless. 


Tires and the rims aren’t the only things you can make pretty with Mean Green®! When working on the engines of your cars, ATVs, etc., parts are often greasy or oily. Spray them down, scrub with a soft cloth, and rinse for gorgeous parts that easier to handle and reassemble. Tools, work benches, and even the concrete floor can be cleaned with a little elbow grease and a spritz of this cleaner.

Recreation Uses

Is your kayak or RV looking a little shabby? Mean Green® can keep your favorite recreational vehicles and tools looking like new. Keep them clean and make them feel loved!

Patio Uses

It’s summer and we LOVE to use the grill. The taste of meat on the grill is always amazing but we also love to walk out into the garden for fresh veggies to grill, too! To continue getting quality meals, we have to keep it clean. Check out how the side of ours went from drab to fab! (No elbow grease was used as heavy rain clouds were minutes away from dropping a down pour on me! but I’m sure they would be spotless!)

Grill Before After

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