Menu Ideas For A Labor Day Backyard Barbecue

So, you’ve decided to throw a Labor Day barbecue to celebrate the summer with your loved ones before the season ends. While you’re excited about getting everyone together, you realize being a host is a lot of work. It’s your responsibility to ensure your guests are comfortable and entertained during the event. The most challenging part of that is deciding what to serve. The food is ultimately the focal point at any backyard barbecue. 

Other than spending time with loved ones, food is the reason your guests show up. So naturally, you want to make a good impression. While you could easily go with traditional options like hot dogs and hamburgers, there are several other ideas your guests will love. Below are some suggestions on what to add to your Labor Day backyard barbecue menu. 

Barbecue Menu Ideas:

Grilling burgers for a Labor Day Backyard Barbecue

Plant-Based Burgers

Many people have reduced or eliminated meat from their diets as a means of improving their health. As such, there’s an increased demand for plant-based products that tastes just as good as traditional foods. If you want to add diversity to your menu, grilling some plant-based burgers is sure to be a win with your guests. You can make them from scratch or purchase fresh or frozen patties from the grocery store. When preparing this menu item, remember to do it separately from other meat products. 


Some of the best meat to add to the grill is seafood. It doesn’t take much time to prepare and is a fan favorite among guests. You can grill shrimp, fish, muscles, scallops, crabs, lobster, and more. If you’re going for a theme, having a seafood boil is popular. You grill, broil, or steam a variety of seafood mixed with potatoes, corn, and sausage and spread it out on a large table for your guest to get their grub on. It’s a bit messy but also satisfying. Just make sure you have large bibs and plenty of wet wipes and napkins on hand. 

Grilled Fruit And Veggies

While backyard barbecues are all about meat and the main course, no meal is complete without sides. You don’t have to overcomplicate things to satisfy your guests’ taste buds. Simply throw some fruits and veggies on the grill with a bit of seasoning and you’ve got yourself a delicious companion to go with your entrée. While you can grill just about any fruit or vegetable, some of the most popular include pineapples, watermelon, broccoli, asparagus, and zucchini. 


You’ve got your meat (or plant-based option) and your veggies, now all you need is one more side to complete your barbecue menu. Rather than trying to prepare something hot like macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes, opt for a summer salad. You can create a traditional salad with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, croutons, and shredded cheese, or mix things up a bit with other toppings. Other salad ideas that pair well with barbecued food are coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, chicken salad, egg salad, and pasta salad

Simple Yet Tasty Dessert

Once your guests are done eating the main attractions, they’re going to be ready for something sweet. You’ve already gone through a ton of trouble to prepare a decent meal, so, don’t overdo it on the dessert. You have tons of options that are sweet, refreshing, and easy to prepare and serve. You can mix things up with rum ice pops, jello, fruit salad, or no-bake cakes and pies. Put some common toppings like whipped cream, chocolate chips, fresh fruit, nuts, and flavored syrup on the table and let your guests have fun personalizing their dessert

Hosting a Labor Day backyard barbecue can be a fun way to celebrate with loved ones before the summer is over. Be that as it may, ensuring that everyone’s needs are met is challenging. Though there’s a lot to prepare for, you can reduce your stress by considering the above options for your menu. Once you’ve gotten the menu out of the way, you can focus on other details like preparing your home, decorating, and coming up with some entertainment

What are your favorite barbecue foods?

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