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The Macaron for Hair® is the hair essential we all need in our lives! With Spring blooming, we are letting our hair down to blow in the wind and a good brush is the key to bringing the smoothness back. These brushes are incredibly cute – so much, in fact, that you’ll almost want to eat them!

Macaron for Hair®

Why this is THE Hair Essential of the Year

Uniquely crafted for hair of any age, type, and texture, the Macaron for Hair® is functional and completely adorable. Inspired by the French Macaron, this brush features a patent-pending design of radial bristles that are placed at varying heights and widths. This design helps detangle all hair types quickly, painlessly, and without breakage caused by other brushes. The only results you’ll get from this brush are healthy, frizz-free hair with plenty of shine.

Colorful Flavors

I have only had the chance to indulge on macarons a few times in life. My favorite flavors were almond and strawberry. The Macarons for Hair® come in seven fun “flavors” that will match with any personality. Flavors include:  Gold, Raspberry, Black Licorice Framboise, Mint Citron, Lemon Pistachio, Rose Petal, and Lavender.


Macaron for Hair®

Kiss Tangles Goodbye®!

I have small hands and the Macarons for Hair® are easy for me to handle, fit perfectly in my handbag, and takes up minimal space in your luggage for trips. Does it ever sound like your ripping your hair apart when you are brushing? My hairdresser has jumped on me for not brushing my hair properly and causing breakage; however, since using my Macarons for Hair®, I have noticed less shedding and breakage. 

Macaron for Hair®

Bite Size Perfection

The sweet design is functional and adorable. The Macaron for Hair® includes a cover that doubles as a mirror for on-the-go styling and a cover for the brush. You’ll never have to worry about your brush getting snagged in your bag, hair being scattered around, or broken bristles that scratch your head. You’ll want one of every color to keep one in your bag, your bathroom, the car, and more!

A Hair Essential Gift Idea!

Each Macaron for Hair® is available for $12.99 (the gold is $15) and make perfect gifts for birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, and more! 

Macaron for Hair®

Macaron for Hair®


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