National Soup Month Recipes

January is National Soup Month!

soup so͞op/
a liquid dish, typically made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables, etc., in stock or water.

Soup is one of my favorite dishes and I am beyond excited that National Soup Month is finally here! It is easy to throw together, has an endless variety of options, flavors can be changed up easily with spices, and warms you all the way to the soul. I asked a lot of blogger friends to send me their best and favorite recipes. You could have a different soup every day of the month if you wanted to. Create a warm, cozy meal plan all in one place!

National Soup Month here at Lynchburg Mama features an assortment of flavors from all different parts of the world. You may find several of the same soups on this list but note that they are prepared by people in different areas of the country so they have each added their own flair. 

Looking for a way to get your friends involved? Have a big cook day at someone’s home, church, community center, etc. Everyone can make up a batch of their favorite pots, portion into containers, and swap. My favorite feature of soup is that you can freeze it until ready to use. You’ll have dishes on hand for any last minute dinners.

So grab a pot, ingredients, bowls, and spoons to ladle up the goodness of National Soup Month!

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