Numbers You Need On The Fridge

When you are a parent, there are some numbers that you should always have stuck on your fridge. It isn’t just for you either. If you have babysitters, or other family members, or slightly older children that might be alone in your home, then those numbers might save a life. Here are a few numbers that you should have handy at all times.

Numbers You Need On the Fridge


Yes, we all know how to dial 999, but if something happened to you, your children might be the ones that need to dial it. So have it in big, bold colors. Take some time to talk through with your kids – big and small – what the number can and should be used for. 

Under the emergency services number, there should be a couple of other numbers. 

You’ll need to add the number for your doctors, and as kids are prone to playing in places that they shouldn’t a car accident doctors number too, as well as the number for any doctors that they are under for particular medical treatments.

Friends and Family

If anything happens to you, and you are unable to call friends and family, then you should be sure to have the numbers of the people you would like your children (or other) to be able to call for you. Typically you will find grandparents, aunts, and uncles and close family friends on this list. It should be people that the children are familiar with. 


If you are away for work, or on holiday and your eldest children don’t drive it is worthwhile to have a taxi firm number on the list – with a pinned amount of cash to get where they need to be. Of course, sometimes that pinned cash will be used, so you should be sure always to top it up before you leave on your trip. 


Home insurance, health insurance, and accident insurance numbers should always be easy to find. If we have been in an accident, sometimes with the shock we can’t always find what we are looking for, and doing this will mean should you need to find the numbers quickly there are within easy reach. 


As well as the mobile numbers for all family members, add on the workplace numbers for the people that you might need to contact if there is an emergency. Double check the workplace policy about personal phone calls in advance, but most of the time, in an emergency, they will allow a call. 


If you have lost your wallet, or maybe your partner list theirs, then having the number on the fridge will mean it is quick and easy to call and cancel your cards. Searching online for a number might throw up too many options in the heat of the moment. So find the one you need and write it down. 

We don’t like to think of accidents and things outside of our control happen, but the fact is they do and it is better to be prepared.

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