Online Master’s Degree Programs for Busy Moms

First, it was a bachelor’s degree. We were all told to get one or risk never finding a decent job. Then we all went to college, and suddenly the value of an undergraduate degree dropped. Sure, someone with a college education will still earn more than someone who doesn’t, but today’s best jobs increasingly require more than four years of undergraduate learning. Modern-day employers want the highest-ranking workers on their payroll to possess a master’s degree or higher.

With this in mind, busy moms looking to advance their careers might be wondering if they’ll ever get the chance to go back to school, let alone reach the next level of professional success. Fortunately, several fully accredited universities around the globe offer excellent master’s degree programs online, giving moms the chance to learn at home. The following are five online master’s degree programs for busy moms to consider:

Mom Working Online Master’s Degree Programs

Business Administration Degree

The business world encompasses almost every inch of global commerce, making business an especially lucrative career choice. Those with a masters in business administration will find themselves better prepared to lead the charge in virtually any business environment. The numbers-based nature of business administration makes it one of the most popular masters degree options offered online. However, thanks to advances in video technology and graphical overlays, business administration’s communicative and marketing aspects are also extensively covered online.

Construction Management

The gender gap in construction continues to narrow, but we still have a long way to go. The majority of women in the construction industry work within the management sector, making a masters in construction management one of the best graduate degree options available online. These programs help students learn the ins and outs of the construction industry while preparing them for leadership roles going forward. Best of all, many accredited universities offer programs that can be completed in as little as one year.

Healthcare Administration

One of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, healthcare relies on expert administrators as much as doctors, nurses, and other medical experts. With this in mind, busy moms ought to consider going back to school to earn an online masters in healthcare administration. These programs emphasize ways to improve existing healthcare systems in the future, giving moms the chance to play critical roles in the effort to modernize and streamline the healthcare industry.

Human Resources

Given all the talk about automation and artificial intelligence, it’d be easy to assume the human element is increasingly irrelevant in the workplace. But that’s not true. Human resources will remain a vital aspect of organizational success for years to come. With this in mind, busy moms with HR experience should consider earning their masters in human resources. Even those with minimal HR background but a college degree should think about this option, given the demand for human resources leadership across multiple industries.

Information Technology

While people remain a critical component of virtually any human endeavor, there’s no doubting the growing role computers and software play in modern life and business. Moms with a knack for technological troubleshooting might want to think about earning an online masters in information technology. It’s an education that sets them on the path towards a high-paying career helping manage sophisticated IT systems in various business and nonprofit settings. Suppose you can figure out how to get your mother-in-law’s 12-year-old laptop to connect to your daughter’s two-year-old printer. In that case, with the right amount of training, you can help an organization administrate its digital apparatus.

Online degree programs have come a long way from the days of limited digital platforms and awkward instructional design. Today’s online learning is practically indistinguishable from traditional classroom-based models. The ability to earn an advanced degree from home is something no ambitious and motivated mom should pass up! Get after it!

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