Online Yoga For Beginners

Online yoga for beginners is one of the best available workouts in terms of building your own body strength. With yoga, you learn to lift and hold your own body weight for prolonged periods, instead of using weights. It can be challenging at first, but results come in quite quickly and you will soon find that you have become stronger and more toned. Yoga is great for beginners as it doesn’t involve any high impact weight lifting, and brings additional benefits with it. Yoga online means you can achieve all this from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace too.  

Online Yoga For Beginners

Build Your Strength

Yoga uses concentric, isometric and eccentric contractions to strengthen muscles, and is much different to weight lifting as it works on the whole body right to the core, not just on the surface. The best benefit of choosing yoga is that even as a beginner, you will be strengthening each muscle equally, rather than building up specific groups as you would from other exercises. Yoga gets right to the muscle groups embedded within our bodies which are often forgotten about or are difficult to stimulate with weight training. There are a great number of asanas (or poses) which build strength; and finding the right sequence can make all the difference. Don’t forget to ensure your technique is right, as being out of alignment can cause injury. Don’t worry, though – the instructor on your online yoga videos for beginners can help with that.

There are several online yoga lessons for beginners that are great for beginners’ strength training. Downward Facing Dog, for instance, is a classic pose which works each muscle is the body all at the same time, stretching out your back and limbs whilst being a restful, relaxing position. The Warrior 2 pose is another great strengthening pose for beginners; while the Warrior 3 pose is a little more advanced but is an empowering, strong pose that works your leg muscles and improves balance. The Locust pose is a brilliant way to tone your core, legs and arms simultaneously. It may be difficult to hold at first, but with persistence, it’s easy to master.

Making The Weak Strong Again

As a beginner, your yoga program will be very low impact. Low impact exercises are best for anyone who is a beginner at almost any form of exercise. If you don’t have much experience with strength training, yoga is perfect. Online yoga for beginners is also ideal for those with weak joints, injuries or conditions such as arthritis. If weight training, running and other common exercises are too stressful on your joints or weaker, damaged muscles, then yoga is the perfect solution for building yourself up. As well as being good to practice with weak joints, yoga actually helps to increase surrounding fluids and increase joint strength, meaning that you may find an increased mobility after completing an online beginner yoga program. Many poses can be adapted to suit those with weaker joints or injury, such as the Plank. There are many variations of the pose, but the Dolphin Plank is superb for anyone with weaker wrists. It targets the entire abdominal section and puts no pressure at all on the wrist joints, as your entire forearm is used to hold your weight. A yoga routine for beginners online isn’t just about strength training and balance, though. Alongside muscle and joint strength, yoga is good for the mind. In fact, if you look online for counseling near me, you will often find counselors recommend yoga – only as a very small part of their treatment suggestions, of course. The combination of poses are great for improving posture, as well as mental benefits such as increased calm, confidence and power.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about doing yoga online.

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