Overcoming and Understanding Health Anxiety

In the 21st Century, I think it’s fair to say that more of us are far more concerned with our health than ever before. This is largely down to the fact that we know more than ever before about health conditions and what we can do to stay well thanks to breakthroughs in research and online resources amongst other things.

Overcoming Health Anxiety

Although in many ways this is fantastic, it has also lead to an increase in people who are overly anxious about their health. Health anxiety is a real issue with lots of people spending lots of time agonizing over how well or not they may be. It is a serious condition which can ruin lives, but it need not be that way because there are lots of things people can do to overcome their issues…

Don’t Google It

Yes, there are lots of great health resources online which can help you to work out what may be wrong with you if you are experiencing health symptoms, but if you have health anxiety, it may be best to avoid them altogether. You see, the internet is not a physician and for any given symptoms, it tends to throw up a lot of possible diagnoses. If you suffer from health anxiety, it is likely that you will fixate on the worst possible outcome and make yourself feel ill thinking that you have cancer or something else horrible when chances are you do not. Only good doctors, blood tests and PET/CT scans, etc., can give you the full picture, so if you’re worried, book an appointment and don’t torture yourself with internet diagnoses.

Seek Therapy

Many people are reluctant to seek therapy and spill out all of their issues to a third-party, but when you’re dealing with health anxiety it can be really good to get some perspective on things and come up with some techniques to help you stay calm when you start to feel that something is wrong. A good therapist, preferably one who specializes in health anxiety, can help you with this. It’s not a magical cure, but if you stick with it and work with your therapist to find solutions your anxiety should dissipate eventually.

Take Care of Yourself

If you make an effort to take good care of yourself by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and doing the things that your physician suggests will help to keep your body and mind healthy, you will be less likely to worry about the state of your health because you will be in good condition. Obviously, anyone can get sick but healthy people are less likely to suffer from many conditions, so it will give you a psychological boost, and more importantly, you WILL be less likely to get sick now and in the future than you would if you were leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Trust Your Doctor

Finally, if you find a doctor you can trust, you will be more inclined to believe their diagnoses, and therefore less inclined to worry overly about the state of your health when there is nothing much to worry about!

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