Pinky Rings are the New Promise Rings for Teens!

Promise rings are out – pinky rings are in! Discover why this visible symbol of love is perfect to represent a first true love!

Pinky rings are the new promise rings!

The “Pinky Promise” is said to have originated in Japan where it was known as ‘yubikiri’ – meaning “finger cut off”. If the promise was broken, then the pinky finger would be cut off! Over time, the literal meaning has subsided to a calmer, more symbolic meaning. It’s still a symbol based on a foundation of trust.

Pinky rings are the new way for teens to declare their love!

During my teenage years, promise rings were a big step for teens who were graduating high school and heading off to college. It was a symbolic way of longevity and commitment. Promise rings can be a bit overwhelming for teenagers who aren’t quite ready to take that step toward an engagement.

My son and his girlfriend have been dating for approximately nine months. Eternity in teen years! But being only 16, they’re not quite ready for a big step like a promise ring. It does give them an understanding of creating a future together and encourage exclusiveness.

In addition to couples who are in love, pinky rings can be worn by best friends. Remember the best friends necklaces, charms, and bracelets of the 90’s? I still have my half of a heart necklace that one of my childhood best friends gave me. Even though we aren’t in touch now, it holds a lot of wonderful memories.

Mini Stackable Twist Diamond Ring

How to choose the perfect style

When it comes to choosing a ring, you’ll want to take several factors into consideration. Personally, I love sterling silver or white gold metals. It accents my fair skin better than yellow or rose golds. Some people also prefer many stones while others opt for a single stone or a stoneless engraved band.

The most important factor when choosing style is craftsmanship and quality. A ring can be beautiful but what will it tell your loved one if you don’t gift them a ring that will last?! Find a reputable jewelry dealer and then narrow down your choices based on personal design preferences within their collection.

Take a look at the following tips when choosing the perfect ring style from

  • Consider The Person’s Personality: Teenagers are unique and they exhibit different personalities and behaviors. Is your teenage outgoing? Silver cool-designed rings are your best options. Does she like wearing dresses and skirts a lot? Then, go for a fine ring with a precious stone. 
  • Determine The Memory You Want To Instill: Do you want to leave a mark on the recipient? Then, choose a white gold or yellow gold ring with precious stones. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you always have to give something expensive. Besides, it is the thought that truly counts. Even a simple and inexpensive gift can be a special gift that will be treasured forever.
  • Make It Personalized: If you want to give your children or partner a unique gift for the holidays or any special celebration or event, why not try making it more personalized? Have the person’s name engraved on the ring, symbolizing your great gratitude and love.
  • Choose A Timeless Gift: As mentioned, buying high-quality rings is essential, which also makes a timeless gift. Choose something that comes from your heart that is worth the person’s time and attention. For example, instead of buying cheap, fancy rings made of copper or a low-quality metal, why not pay a bit for a silver ring, which will not fade with time?

Stackable Rings

When my son started dating his girlfriend, we noticed that she enjoyed wearing several bracelets. This made choosing a pinky ring easy. Stackable rings are fun to mix and match with different styles, stones or no stones, colors of metals, etc. Stackable rings are a great giveaway for teens, too. Each ring can represent a memory of an event, date, anniversary, etc. Tell your own love story with stackable rings!

Check the following tips you can advise to your teenage kids about wearing stackable rings:

  • Wear stackable rings with a pair of rugged or sexy jeans and a hanging blouse for ladies or cool shirts for men.
  • Wear stackable rings with cool and casual wear–perfect for causal events or trips, such as traveling or a party night out.
  • Stackable rings, which can be paired with a stackable earring, can help you make a statement.
Stackable Pinky Rings

Which pinky rings would you choose? Tell me below!

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