Planning a Family Road Trip? Read This!

Planning a family road trip? Then you need to read this for some tips and tricks to make the trip a little more enjoyable and relaxed!

Once you’ve got an idea of where you’re going, you still need to think about how you’re all going to survive with a bunch of kids in the back! Going on a road trip is a great opportunity for family bonding time, but without some order and planning it can be disastrous and stressful. Having said that it’s a great way to explore the country and discover hidden gems not far from your backyard! It’s an alternative to flying and many people are choosing to take the scenic route on family vacations. Here is some basic advice to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

Family Road Trip


Are you taking your regular family car? If so, how can you maximize space? It’s a good idea to fix roof bars and boxes to carry larger items of luggage. Could renting a car be a better plan? You could go for this option to give yourselves more freedom with space. You don’t really want to stack bags on top of your kids’ laps, for safety and comfort reasons. Have a look into some rentals instead. 

Safety checks

Another thing to consider is the toll the road trip could take on your vehicle. Be sure to do any necessary maintenance checks before and after the road trip. Any accidents or breakdown caused by damage could prevent you from getting affordable auto insurance


Don’t just take pit stops, plan in longer breaks to properly rest and stretch your legs. Try to find somewhere green for your kids to run around a bit, this will stop them from complaining as much. See if there is anywhere fun or cultural to visit on the way before you reach your final destination. Make sure you don’t drive tired and that you take a break whenever you need it for a quick nap and a coffee. This is also an opportunity to swap drivers. 


Have a think carefully about which snacks you can take that are less messy. Bring cups and bowls to serve them out of. Plan a lunch break and meal times. It helps to have a bit of a system to keep your kids from constantly asking for more treats. For some road trip snack ideas for toddlers, see here


Most families have some screen time rules at home but these tend to go out of the window when you’re on a long journey. This keeps them quiet and from distracting you while driving. It might be easier to allow them to use tablets or phones individuals as this will prevent arguments over which films to watch for example. You could download a selection before leaving. Also think about other options such as books, or books on tape, coloring books, toys and games. For a longer journey you might need to mix it up a little. 


Plan a realistic time based on the route and traffic. Don’t overestimate how quickly you can arrive as this will frustrate and disappoint everyone!

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