Planning For The Common Risk Factors In Old Age

Stereotypes are rarely completely true, and nor do they remain the default position for an individual. However as you get older, your health can jump onto a common trajectory that many millions of other people are on. In that sense, yes you can become a stereotypical elderly person with common health conditions. But this doesn’t have to be, if you just make some changes in your life now. For example, everything that you eat right now will build up and up. One day you might find that your body isn’t strong enough to cope with certain foods and abnormal percentages of food groups like fat and carbs. It’s not just what you eat but also what kind of lifestyle you live. Changing a few things around the house too, would definitely help to mitigate common risk factors that you’ll face in old age.

Less weight more reps

When you’re nearing that middle age mark but you still love to workout, then simply changing your routine will greatly help your longevity. For example, leg workouts should change from high weight to high reps. Inevitably this means lowering the weight and allowing your body to strengthen it’s ligaments and tendons. Muscle mass naturally decreases as we get older, so creating stronger joints with high reps in your workouts will improve your stability in elderly life. The common risk factor is developing arthritis in your joints as the increases pressure in your knees and hips will eventually wear away the cartilage.

More white less red

Red meat is eaten at a far higher volume than generally is recommended in society. It’s a very dense kind of meat which is a challenge to digest the older you are. However it also poses some problems such as kidney, liver and intestinal conditions. Higher intakes or iron also lead to things like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The body just cannot handle red meat as it once could when you’re middle aged. Yet you also still need to get your protein intake so switch from red to white meat. Consume more chicken, lean pork and fish. It’s a much cleaner healthier option and fish actually helps in many ways. Fish has omega 3 in it, so your skin and your internals will be healthier and smoother in their function.

Risks at home

Many older people actually have more accidents at home than they do elsewhere. Which is also why Medicare Plan G is one of the most popular with seniors. Not only do you get basic doctor visits, but the ambulance ride, x-rays and surgeries are all covered in this plan. There’s also a skilled nursing facility for your recovery. But just avoid slipping and falling at home by adapting your home to be more friendly to old age. Swing open bath doors are one such change you should consider doing.

The common risk factors of old age are predictable if anything, so you have a lot of time to plan just how you’re going to change your diet, workout and or exercise routine and of course your home design.

Check your age It sounds simple, but checking your unique risk factors associated with your age can better prepare you for what you need to do to improve your life. You can get a birthday calculator online and get a sharp dose of reality finding out how old you are in minutes and hours. But this can be the motivator we need. Checking your age doesn’t mean realizing “wow, I’m old,” but it’s about making now the first day for the rest of your life! They say life begins at 40. But whether you’re 50, 60, or 99, it is never too late to start changing your life for the better!

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