Post-Christmas Clutter: How to Deal With It

Dealing with Post-Christmas Clutter? Learn a few tips for how you can deal with it properly to prepare your home for the new year!

Christmas is over (groan!) which means the usual feelings start manifesting themselves. The January blues are setting in, and you have to deal with the post-holiday clutter. Yes, one of the only bad things about Christmas is that your home is a mess and you realize how little space you have! The sooner you deal with the clutter, the easier it is to get your home back into shape. You’re in luck! Here are some top tips to help you do just that:

newly unwrapped reindeer sweater amongst post-Christmas clutter

Gather up anything that can be thrown away

You’ll be amazed at how much clutter is actually just junk that can be thrown away. At Christmas, everyone has boxes and things that stay lingering around for weeks after the big day. So, it’s your job to go around gathering up all the things that you can chuck out. This means taking presents out of boxes, hunting down any last scraps of wrapping paper, and chucking out the empty tubs of chocolates. If, like most families, you have multiple boxes of chocolates on the go at once, consider combining them all in one tub. Instead of three or four tubs lingering around, you only have one!

Swap out any replacements

This heading sounds a bit strange – but bear with me. Over Christmas, you might get presents that replace things you already have. For instance, you get a new coat to replace the old one that’s a bit tatty. Or, the family has a brand new TV, or your children get a new games console. Suddenly, you have twice as many things as you need. Therefore, you need to round up all the duplicate items and replace old things with new ones. The old stuff can be thrown away, sold, or donated – depending on the state they’re in. This step stops you from having too much stuff in your home, particularly things you no longer need. 

Put your Christmas decorations in storage

The final step is to put all of your Christmas decorations in storage. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to put them in a storage facility. Although, as you can see on this website, that is definitely an option if you need it. Some of you may have enough storage in your home to put everything away. The key thing is that the decorations are out of sight. Don’t pile them in the corner of your living room until next year! If you have a garage, this could be the perfect place to store everything – just make sure it’s covered and protected. 

Also, if you have a real Christmas tree, be sure you take it out and recycle it. Your local recycling center will probably do this for you, or you can organize for it to be picked up. 

After all of that, you’ve decluttered your home! Any post-Christmas clutter has now been banished, leaving you with a clean and tidy abode. It’s easy to put this off as January leaves you feeling down and depressed. But, the more you put it off, the more clutter you end up generating, meaning the task becomes harder!

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