Preparing For A Baby? Things To Think About

Preparing for a baby? Getting that positive pregnancy test is one of the most incredible feelings, the thoughts of being able to start a family, or add to your family are joyous and ones to remember. Of course, pregnancy has its fair share of ups and downs. The symptoms can be hard to handle, the wait can be overpowering, but no matter what it is a blessing and one to be treasured. 

However, one of the hardest parts during the pregnancy is to think beyond the baby kicks and morning sickness and to start preparing for the arrival. So many people fail to look beyond the nine months, and this is when it can all get a little overwhelming. It might be that you have had to think about big purchases before the arrival of your little one, such as a new house or looking online at websites like Hancock County CDJR for a family vehicle that is more suitable to your circumstance. But it might be time to get some of the shopping sorted, and to help you get started here are some of the top baby items you may need.

baby's fingers wrapped around father's finger - preparing for a baby means preparing for love

Don’t go crazy with the clothes, just get the essentials

When you find out you are having a baby, one of the first purchases that you make happens to be baby clothes. You just can’t help yourself. You may wait until you find out the gender, if that’s what you wish to do, or you may just head out and buy something neutral as the first outfit. However, the one thing to remember is to try and not go over the top with the clothes. The truth is, in those first few weeks or months, you may prefer to keep your little one in sleep suits and rompers, for ease of changing and comfort. Sometimes the outfits can be outgrown too quickly or even just worn once. Finding a little checklist online is a great way to help you stick with the essentials so that you have everything that you need. 

Baby Moses basket or co-sleeper

A big thing you may want to decide early on is the sleeping arrangements, although, what you think you want to do and what you end up doing may be two completely different things so don’t discount anything just in case. You may want to invest in a moses basket, or get yourself a co-sleeper which can work really well for giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to sleeping close to you and for feeding but also having that separation of co-sleeping as well. There are so many different options on the market these days, so you may want to look at different reviews online to help you make the decision on what might be right for you. 

A baby monitor

A baby monitor has advanced so much in recent years. Gone are the days where you were just hearing for sound and your baby cry. You can now watch them on a video link, talk back to them or play them lullabies, just to name a few things. This is why a bit of research into baby monitors and what might be right for you could be worth your time. Of course, try and decide what is important to you, and how often a monitor would be used. This is because the price can vary quite differently in terms of budget. While this may not be something you need to get straight away, it could be worth the consideration now so that you have it ready when you need it.

A travel system 

One of the biggest investments will happen to be a travel system. This is where you purchase a car seat and pram option. One that will have not only the carrycot and the pushchair seat for when they get a bit older, but they will also have things to connect a car seat to it, so it makes for easy transportation in those early days. Again these things really vary in price, and many different brands soffer different models. You may want to go to something like a baby show, where you will get to see them all as a demo and in action, it helps to actually see them in the flash and walk around with them to ensure you feel comfortable with the design and feel of it. 

Baby bath and bath items

Of course, those first few days will be precious, and you may end up needing to spend a bit of time in the hospital depending on the birth. But, once you get home you can start to find your routine, and one of the things you may really enjoy doing as a parent is the bath time. So getting a little baby bath, or a support for your main bath could be on the list of things to buy. Alongside that, you will need some essential bath items such as baby sponges and towels. You may also want to think about the products you use, but in those early days water is fine. 

Baby carrier or baby chair?

Depending on your routine, you may want to think about the times where you won’t be feeding and you won’t have a sleeping baby. If you have more than one child, then you may want to look into a baby carrier, which enables your little one to be with you while still freeing up your hands to do other things. Sometimes a baby chair, or even a play mat to have them on could also be good purchases. Those early weeks are very slow, but once you get settled into a new routine, you will want to be able to do things as well as spend time with your baby, so these things can come in handy. 

The changing bag

Finally, the changing bag is another thing you will need to think about purchasing. Some people even do this before their baby arrives so that they can have it packed as part of their hospital bag and the things they need. These days there is so much choice out there in terms of baby bags and what you can have as well as different styles. From a rucksack option to a bag that has several compartments within it to make things easier. 

Let’s hope this gives you some idea of the things you may need to get for your new arrival. 

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