Preparing for a Move – Tips and Tricks


There is no doubt that a preparing for a move is usually a big hassle. Even if you decide to outsource the relocation to a transport company to do the hard work (heavy lifting, etc.), there is still a lot to look out for in order for such a process to go smoothly. Given the complexity of a move, it can be easy to feel pressured. You must be sure that you have the right companies to help you with the move, such as shipping companies. It’s not only just your furniture but also your cars and other items that need to be moved also. You can click here to see more. The good news is that you do not have to rely on your own memory when it comes to scheduling a move. I have created this control guide that will help guide you through your every move

Preparing for a move is a lot of work!

Preparing for a move: Two months to the move

Create folders

Collect all important documents that contain sensitive personal data (personal documents, medical documents, leases, purchases, etc.), store and categorize them in folders. It will be easier to find them in your new home.

Look for companies that will help you with the move

• Professional transporters 

• Vehicles for rent to do the removal yourself if you wish 

Cleaning services for the space you will leave after moving.

Keep a photo file and a list of items

Focus on the most important and “valuable” things for you. Make a list of the items you want to look out for so that you can confirm after the move that everything has been moved safely. An alternative idea is to photograph the items that are important to you so that in case of damage to them you have a picture of their condition before moving so that you can locate it with confidence. It will be good for the photo to show the date and time it was taken.

Plan in advance what furniture will go to your new home

If you can, get an interior map of your new home. Make a note of where you plan to place your furniture. If there is a piece that does not fit, it is best to realize it now before you move. It will definitely save you time.

One month until the move

Change your address

  • Update your news to all agencies and organizations. Inform:
  • The Post Office 
  • The Banks / credit cards 
  • Your doctors 
  • Your Insurance company 
  • Your lawyer 
  • Your subscriptions to magazines and other publications 
  • Your children’s school (if you live in the same school district) 
  • Your employer (if you intend to keep the same job)

Make a final “round” in your old house

  • Are all windows closed and locked? 
  • Have you left anything behind? 
  • Is the heating or air conditioning off? 
  • Is the water supply closed? 
  • Have you returned all the keys to the house to the previous owner? 
  • Have you arranged for all utilities to be disconnected from their respective providers? 
  • Are all doors closed and locked? 
  • Is there anything else you may have forgotten?

Preparing for a move doesn’t have to be stressful — take the time to make a plan and it’ll be smooth!

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