Quarantine Motivation – 3 Ways to Get Things Done

Quarantine motivation – have you been checking things off your list yet? Discover three ways to get things done!

Handwritten checklists are a great way to achieve quarantine motivation

If you’re stuck at home in a state of quarantine at the moment – as so many people are around the world – there’s a good chance that you find your motivation and energy to actually get things done isn’t exactly sky-high.

After all, with just about everything having shut down in broader society, and without the presence of your normal working environment and social circle, it can be pretty easy to end up sitting around in your pyjamas being despondent for large stretches of the day.

Here are just a few tips and suggestions you can use in order to motivate yourself to get things done during this time.

Give yourself certain rewards look forward to

If you’re already feeling fairly disheartened about being stuck at home, you certainly aren’t like to feel any more “motivated” to get stuff done if your entire schedule for the day looks like an ongoing cycle of chores and obligations that you don’t feel like facing up to.

As opposed to trying to torment and bully yourself into getting things done, try to be a bit more balanced, and to motivate yourself instead.

In other words, give yourself certain rewards to look forward to when you actually achieve the things you want to achieve.

That could mean anything from watching a film online, to having a relaxing soak in the bath, to reading a good book, et cetera. Your imagination is the limit here – but rewarding yourself can serve as a great incentive, and can help to keep your spirits up as well.

Try to keep your home environment as cozy and organised as possible

It’s understandable that you will feel pretty unhappy about being stranded home, if your home environment is fundamentally uncomfortable and messy.

In order to lift your spirits, and to boost your motivation to get things done in general, you should take steps to keep your home environment as cozy and organised as possible. Attend to things like air conditioning, heating, removing dust, decluttering, and so on.

For better or for worse, our environments always have a substantial impact on how we feel, and on what we are likely to end up doing.

Come up with clear targets for the things you want to achieve in a given day

If you only have a vague idea in your mind that you want to “get some stuff done,” in general, the odds are not great that you will actually be productive or motivated.

What exactly would you get done? When would you get it done? Why would you get it done? What happens afterwards?

Without answers to questions like these, the whole thing is just too arbitrary and up in the air.

Instead, work to come up with clear targets for the things you want to achieve in a given day. Use an effective task-management system in order to keep track of your obligations and goals, and consider using a daily calendar to “time block” and create schedules for yourself in advance.

Not only will this make it more likely that you’ll be productive, but it’ll also add some sense of much-needed structure to your life during a period of general uncertainty.

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