Raising a Teenager – A Few Things You Need to Know


Raising a teenager is a tough challenge and that’s always been the case. But today it seems like there are more obstacles to getting it right than ever before. Parents have to tread carefully and make sure they’re protecting their teens in all the relevant ways without treading on their toes too much.

We’re going to talk about some of the most important things you’ll likely need to deal with when you’re raising a teen. If you know what’s coming down the line ahead of time, you’ll be able to prepare for it much better and it’ll be something that goes much more smoothly for you both. Find out more below.

Two teens sitting on a roof top - raising a teenager can be confusing and a challenge - but there is hope!

Dealing with Changes

There are going to be lots of changes that your teen goes through in these years, and it’s important that you’re there to talk them through and be there for them. It’s a scary time and although it can be awkward at times, it’s important to have these conversations and ensure he or she understands that they’re going through and what it all means for them. Dealing with those changes is a little easier when there’s an understanding a little parently support when it’s needed.

Be Willing to Learn and Educate Yourself

There’s a lot that you’ll need to learn about being a teenager if you’re going to do a good job or parenting one. Sure you’ve been one before but that’s a long time in the past now. If you’re going to get it right, do some reading up and find ways to educate yourself and learn about the things that modern teenagers go through. It’s probably a lot different now than it was when you were that age, and having that understanding never hurts for a parent.

Know How to Warn Them in the Right Way

Warning them in the correct and proper way about the things they’re likely to experience as a teenager is important but it’s also challenging. They might not be keen to listen to all your warnings about alcohol and drugs and all of that. But these are conversations that need to be had, and it’s worth approaching them carefully. If you are too full-on about it all it’s only going to cause problems and they’ll show some resistance to the rules you’re laying down.

Lots of Dental Procedures

It’s in their teen years that your kids start to have to visit the dentist and orthodontist more often. If you head to someone like Dr. Normand Bach, they’ll be able to provide the top care and ensure they get the level of treatment that you expect and want for your kids. They’ll probably be keen to get braces and things like that so that they can correct their smile and feel confident with it. That’s something you’ll have to be there to facilitate.

Helping Them Through Friendship and Relationship Turbulence

There are lots of ups and downs with friends and romantic partners when you’re a teen and these are the first experiences you have of those moments. Being there for your teen as they experience these things for the very first time is vital and it’s something that you’ll definitely want to be able to do. Try to be there for them and to reassure them, maybe offering them good advice when they need it most.

Respecting Their Privacy

Sometimes, you need to simply respect their privacy when your kids are going through a tough time. When they’re a teenager, they suddenly want more time to themselves and they want that privacy that allows them space and time to think and reflect. It’s something that you’re going to have to respect because if you don’t, you will cramp their style and that’ll only lead to more frustration on their part, which is not what you need. Give them the space they need from you.

Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online is one of the most important things of all these days and it’s something that you’ll have to make sure that your teen is doing. Are they visiting sites that aren’t appropriate for their age? Are they talking to strangers online and putting themselves in danger by doing so? These are the kinds of behaviors you’re going to want to stamp out and deal with as soon as you can when it comes to dealing with how your child communicates online.

Setting the Right Rules

Having rules and structure in place in the family home is definitely important and something that needs to happen. Setting rules is tough though and it doesn’t always go down very well with the teens in the household. If you want to make sure that things go well for your set of rules, you need to be fair and careful. Try to listen to the input from your teen son or daughter and make rules collaboratively if you can. That way, they’ll be much more likely to follow the rules as well.

Navigating Hobbies

Navigating the hobbies of your kids is always tough. They often seem to have a new one every month and if you’re going to play an active role in their life, you’re going to need to know what those hobbies are and how you can help them with pursuing them in the most constructive ways possible. That’s easier said than done, but it’s really just about taking an interest and trying to play a part in the things they love, even if you don’t love them yourself.

If you’re raising a child who’s about to become a teen, the help and guidance outlined above should help you to do a better job of looking after them effectively. Make the most of it and ensure you’re always there to help and support them any time you can. That’s what being a parent is always about.

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