Readying Your Home for a New Pet? Here’s How

Not only is a new pet a considerable addition to your life, but it’s also a massive change for your property, too. Where before you may not have needed to worry too much about your furniture and the integrity of your living space, a new pet may serve to disrupt all of that (and sometimes, not in the best way).

No matter how much effort you need to put in to ready your home for a new pet, it’s always going to be worth it. Here are some essential areas to think about if your property is awaiting your new pet’s arrival.

Cute white and brown Corgi puppy makes a sweet new pet

Protect Your Home from Pests

Pests, particularly ticks and fleas, are very problematic for both you and your pet. Preparing your home to be pest-free is essential for good living and pet practices to keep everybody safe and healthy. If you suspect that you have a problem with pests, particularly a spreading of fleas or ticks, then services like can help to rid your home of any issues.

Think About New Furniture

This is particularly important for large breeds which shed a lot of hair, and also perhaps if you are getting a puppy or a cat which has destructive tendencies – usually at the cost of any current furniture you may have.

You may want to look to replacing your current couch with a leather fabric, making it much easier to clean and wipe away dirt and hairs, and if you hold your current furniture items very dear to you – perhaps if you have expensive items – you may want to store away any essential items and replace with cheap versions until your new pets potentially-destructive tendencies have passed.

Or, Protect Current Furniture

It’s not always feasible to buy new furniture, so you may need to protect what you already have. You could think about protective sheets or covers for any fabric couches or chairs, which can easily be washed and protect the fabric underneath from accidents, dirt, or embedded hair.

You may also want to move certain items out of reach if you’re going to keep them out of the way of chewing or destructive habits, taking actions like rolling up the bottom of curtains or putting certain accessories or ornaments out of sight will help to prevent damage.

Set Up a Cleaning Station

The most significant effect a new pet can have on a home is cleanliness. Especially with dogs that are being walked more than once a day, the spreading of dirt, mud, and mess is so quickly done. It’s a good idea to prepare a cleaning station near an outside door as a place you can easily tend to any dirt before your dog can spread it into the rest of the house. If your home cannot accommodate a specific vestibule or boot room, think about simply putting supplies near the doorway, like a towel and a mat, so that you can clean down your dog when you walk through the door.

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