Rebrand Your Farm As Anything But Traditional

Every business dreams of having added revenue streams but, for some, it is a dream more than a reality due to the limitations placed on it inherently. But for farms, the chances to expand into different areas is almost limitless, so long as you have enough passion, interest, time and creativity.

Traditionally, agriculture was all about growing crops and using livestock. But that is just the tip of the iceberg now. There are delicious sounding farm shops cropping up everywhere, agritourism has become a big business, artisan ice cream business, play barns, tea rooms, yarn production, maize-maze adventures and so many other amazing farm-related expansion opportunities.

However, to make any of these a success, you need to have your all-important marketing strategy in place, which is exactly what we are going to help you with right now:


  1. Know Who Your Market Is

One of the worst marketing strategies you can have is trying to sell everything to everyone. Sure, that is the dream, but knowing who your customers are will let you target them better. Is it young moms bringing their children to your farm, or is it retirees wanting a cup of tea and a cake? The more you can identify them, the more you will be able to identify where you can expand. For example, young moms with kids may go crazy for a play area and tractor course, while the elderly may buy fleeces made on your farm.


  1. Make Your Farm Stand Out

You need to know what your unique selling point is – or create a unique selling point – that will make people visit your place over everyone else’s, or buy your tidbits over the competitions. It could be that you use agronomy services to produce the tastiest and freshest vegetables, or you have the ability to produce some really rare veggies, or you have a lot of ground and can thus host events for families, or have plenty of child-friendly facilities. The point is: you need to know what sets your farm apart.


  1. Websites Are A Must

For a traditional farm, a website isn’t needed. Not for anything. But if you want to expand into any of the areas we mentioned – from artisan ice cream to farm tours, and everything in between – you need to have a website that people can go to, scroll through and smile at. This is your first impression, It’s your lead advocate. It’s everything you stand for, and it needs all of the below to really pop.


  1. Create An Unforgettable Brand

How elaborate you want to be is up to you, but you need to create an unforgettable brand. That means having a farm logo, which can be something as simple as your farm name in a delightful font, or it can include some illustrated elements that give away a bit more about your brand. It also means getting your copywriting perfect, which is something this creative copywriter can do, as you’ll see from his Bluebells Farm branding. This is what will attract your target audience to you. It could be an illustrated feel with kid-friendly language (the kind that will help the kids win over their parents) or it could be more old-fashioned for the elderly lot. It all depends on your business.

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