Refresh Your Garden With These Low-Effort Tactics

You’ve already worked on refreshing your home, but how can you refresh the garden to match? If your garden is looking a little dreary and in need of some love, try some of these easy tips to give a much-needed refresh, ready for next summer.

Refresh your garden to continue to enjoy it for seasons to come!

Paint your flower pots.

This is a great way to introduce some more color to your garden, even during the winter when not much is growing. Remove any stickers from the pots, sand off any residue, and paint your pots any color that appeals to you. You could paint the pots in one color, and use a stencil with another color to add fun designs. Ask the children to help you, for a fun family project. To make your designs last, seal them with an acrylic sealant. 

Trim the trees.

If you have any trees in your garden that are getting a little wild, call a professional like Brents Tree Service. They can safely trim any trees, with no effort from you, to get them looking better and getting rid of any branches that could fall and cause property damage. 

Treat the shed.

If your shed is looking worn and unloved, you can easily correct this with a wood treatment. Add more color by using a bright or pastel hue. Like the pots, you could stencil on cute designs, like flowers or animals. 

Refresh your garden furniture.

While you’re working with wood treatment, give any wooden garden furniture a coat too. Wait for a mild day, and choose a color that makes you happy and complements your garden

Repair your fencing.

If you’ve had bad weather over the winter, you might fence panels that have been damaged or fallen over. Repairing them is a simple way to improve the way your garden looks. Repair or replace broken or fallen panels. It can also help to reinforce your fence posts. These part of the fence is the most likely to rot, as part of it is buried underground. If there’s a small amount of rot, you can reinforce the post with a concrete spur. If the rot is more serious, you may need a new post. When the weather is dry, give the fence a new coat of paint or wood stain. 

Make some garden decorations.

This is a great one for kids to get involved with. There are lots of options to make cheerful garden decor, even in the dead of winter. Ask the kids to paint some rocks to add some fun to a rockery or flower bed. Paint your stepping stones to brighten up a winter lawn. Buy a cute wooden bird or insect house, and set the kids the task of decorating it. Create something together, like a fairy garden, for a touch of magic. 

Light it up.

Lights can add some atmosphere to the garden and will look very pretty at night. There are lots of low-cost options out there. Choose solar-powered lights, as these will cost you less to run. 

Get a fire pit

A fire pit is a simple addition to your garden that transforms it in many ways. For one, you now have a more comfortable outdoor living space that’s warm in the evenings as it heats you up. Secondly, we were just talking about lighting up your garden, and fire pits are great at doing this. They can really set the mood, and the great thing is there’s no installation required. Just get whatever fire pit you like, and place it somewhere in your garden. Just like that, your outdoor area has been improved.

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