Refresh Your Home with These Low Effort Tactics

Refresh your home without breaking the bank! Try these simple tips to make your home more comfortable!

The reality of life is that Pinterest-perfect homes are not possible. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on creating an attractive and pleasant home altogether, even if you are a busy mom. In fact, there are several small and simple strategies you can use to change up your home and make it that bit more inviting for everyone that lives there. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Change the cushion covers

While you may not be able to replace your sofa, or living room chairs you can have a huge effect on this area of your home by changing the covers of the scatter cushions. It’s so easy and to do as well as all you need to do is find some new covers that you like and swap them out! 

Refreshing your home is as easy as changing up the pillows!

In fact, there are many advantages to this tactic including adding in more on-trend colors, giving your room a new look, and making sure your covers stay clean too. You may even want to opt for an eclectic feel and use lots of non-matching cushions in complementary colors and designs for a more bohemian and fun effect. 

Monthly flower delivery  

Everybody knows that an impressive floral arrangement can make a wonderful focal point in a room. In fact, just the presence of some fresh flowers can transform a space, making it feel lighter and brighter instantly. 

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get out of the habit of buying fresh flowers, especially when you are a busy mama and only have limited time at the grocery store. Happily, there is a solution to this issue. It’s investing in something like this flowers of the month club where you get beautiful tropical bouquets delivered to your home. You can even choose the frequency of deliveries. 

In fact, not only can such flowers improve the living environment of your property but they can have a positive effect on the wellbeing of its residents too. After all, even ( or should we say especially) busy moms need a little treat to look forward to now and again. Something to help get them through the month and provide cheer! 

Wash and bleach your curtains

Whether you have curtains or a voile, it is easy to forget how dirty such items can get in the home. However, simply by taking them down and putting them through the wash, you can make a massive difference. 

In fact, while a whiter net curtain will take you mere minutes to wash, it can help to make your home look larger, and cleaner for months. 

Paint a feature wall 

While you may long to repaint your entire property, time and money often get in the way. Of course, you can greatly reduce the effort involved by picking a single wall to paint. This is what is known as a feature wall and is a job you can complete in a single afternoon. 

Just be sure to pick a bold or bright color for maximum impact that will give you home an easy refresh with very little effort at all. 

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