Relieve Your Skin with Kamedis Botanicals for Valentine’s Day!

Kamedis - Relieve Your Skin With Kamedis Botanicals!

Smooth, healthy skin is important for more than cosmetic reasons. When asked which organ is our largest, we naturally think of our liver, lungs, brain, etc.; however, our skin takes the win on this one. Our skin is the only barrier between our insides and it acts as a filter and regulates body temperature. When we have cracks in our skin, we are opening ourselves up to infections – and no one has time for that! It is important to develop a regular skin care routine to prevent major issues. Kamedis has been providing us with protection from dry, scaly, itchy skin and scalp as well as dandruff. Discover how you can find relief for all of your skin from head to toe!


Let’s Start with the Head….

If you have hair on your head, it’s easy to forget that a large portion of skin is hidden underneath. The PSO Shampoo is designed to wash away scalp irritations and prevent dandruff from ruining your day. This demagogically-tested shampoo is paraben- and steroid-free and is also free of irritating ingredients that you’ll find in other formulas. Not only will you relieve the dry, patchy areas of your scalp but your hair will be soft and feature a gorgeous luster.

Take your head care a step further with PSO Scalp Lotion. The best botanical extracts are used to hydrate and nourish your scalp without making your hair oily or greasy. The ingredients won’t cause irritation for existing conditions such as Psoriasis nor to children’s skin. If you are experiencing a red, irritated scalp, you’ll want to try this lotion to smooth your scalp and give your hair a radiant shine!

TOPIC Medis Cleanser

Dry, patchy skin is my biggest winter complaint. After I turned 30, my skin went from oily to combination. Finding the right products has been a challenge. TOPIC Medis Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that gets the job done without creating more skin issues. Recommended by dermatologists, this formula is safe for sensitive skin and rinses clean while leaving soft, hydrated skin behind. 

TOPIC Calming Moisturizer

Isaiah, my oldest son, began having troubles with eczema from the time he was around 3 months old. Winter is one of the harshest seasons for eczema flare-ups. Kamedis offers a calming lotion that will soothe the dry skin and reduce the redness left when flare-ups occur. Dry skin creates the perfect environment for scratching. The scratching leads to germs from under the fingernails to get under the skin, potentially causing more problems. We’re using the TOPIC Calming Moisturizer to provide immediate relief from suffering!

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