Safety For Kids In A Digital World: What You Can Do


How can you protect kids in a digital world? Discover our tips as we venture into more computer usage in today’s world!

When we become parents, we want nothing more than to keep ourselves children safe, healthy and happy. However, as parents in a modern day world, the safety elements have now been increased. That is because there is so much more our children are being exposed to and the things they experience, especially when it comes to technology and the digital world. So what can we do? Here are some of the ways you can ensure you kids stay safe in a digital world.

Kindergarten boy looking at laptop computer during first day of virtual learning online school. It's important to learn how to protect kids Kids In A Digital World

Monitor their phones 

It may feel like you are being intrusive on your child’s life, but it is important that you monitor their phones or the activity on them. Years ago, phones weren’t even around, and so the intrusion on their lives is now more paramount than ever. Of course, you may not want to actively grab the phone and look through it, you can do it more discreetly by using modern day apps that can track things like text messages. Of course, you could always check them yourself. Tracking apps can also help you when it comes to phones as this can enable you to identify where they are. Or if the phone gets lost or stolen, you have a greater chance of recovering it. We understand there is a need for letting children embrace technology but we should do what we can to control it the very best way we can as well. 

Understand the online gaming world

Gaming has really come into its own these last few years and with more children getting younger playing games online, wearing headsets and joining the online world, it is important for you to understand this better yourself. Playing games is part and parcel of life and as technology has increased, so has the need to let them do it, within reason. But you also need to monitor the time spent on these things and other aspects like friend requests and acceptances and also messages. Not to mention who they may be speaking to. Having ground rules in place could help you to be more in control of it and also to monitor the situation more closely. 

Encourage time away from technology

Finally, while you want to embrace technology and go with it, you also want to encourage breaks away from it. Our childhoods were full of outside experiences and engaging with others face to face, and it is still worthwhile for you to encourage your children to have those experiences as well. Having rules in place in terms of switch off times, time off it, or even things like time limits on games and applications can help you to encourage your children to understand there are other things that they can be doing with their time. A routine where this is established will help you to stick with it and also enable children to understand the boundaries. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to protect your kids in a digital world!

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