Save Money in Your Pantry in 3 Simple Ways

Do you know how to save money in your pantry? Having a well-stocked and high-functioning pantry is a life saver when it comes to maximizing your food budget. A pantry that sufficiently holds your family’s groceries and designed for easy access can make meal planning easier and keep you from wasting food and money.

Being organized can save money in your pantry

Here are some simple ways to help you save money in your pantry:

  • Buy in bulk
  • Store foods in clear containers
  • Make your pantry kid-friendly

These tips will make it easier to stay in budget and get the most for your dollar. Here’s how:

Buy in Bulk

Whether you use a small-town grocer or a big box store, you can usually buy items you use frequently in bulk. Buying in bulk helps in many ways.

  • Usually cheaper- bulk items tend to be cheaper than smaller portions. Over time, this saves you a lot of money plus you aren’t having to waste time returning to the store replacing items you use often.
  • Extends the variety of staples in your pantry– Having variety in your pantry makes meal planning easier and allows for creativity when making a menu.
  • Saves time running errands- Being intentional about your meal planning, grocery shopping, and building up staples makes running to the store less frequent.

Store Foods in Clear Containers

Many foods can be transferred to clear containers that make it possible to see the contents easily. Being able to see when an item is getting low can avoid surprises. You may think you have plenty of cereal, crackers, or baking staples only to discover the boxes were nearly empty. This can interrupt meal time and make trips for take-out more frequent. Consider storing these items in clear containers:

  • Cold and hot cereals
  • Flour, sugar, and other baking essentials
  • Noodles, rice, and dried beans
  • Condense single serving packages from boxes into clear bins

Make Your Pantry Kid Friendly

Include your children in the pantry design. Make sure that the items you prefer they eat are easy to find and in plentiful supply. Help kids learn to serve themselves breakfast or make their lunch for school by having ample choices available. Have kids help with meal prep by fetching items from the pantry, creating a reason to work together for the family meal.

A well-stocked, well-designed pantry is the key to engaging the family, saving time, and maximize your food budget. The more organized you are, the bigger the savings. Having a good supply of the items you need makes it easier for your kids to eat better and avoid too much take out. 

How do you save money in your pantry? Share below in the comments!

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