Seamless Summer Hacks For Poolside Living

It’s officially summer and that means it’s time to hit the water. Whether you’re a beach bum or a poolside partier, you know that spending each day by the water is a summer well-spent.

Unfortunately, humid conditions, rising temperatures, and accidents in the water might put a damper on your favorite summer days. If you’re one of the many people that can’t resist the allure of the azure (pool, that is), try out these hacks to make the most of the season.

Prep your pool

Ensuring that your pool is a safe location to swim is the most important thing you can do this summer. Between chemical imbalances, bacteria, and signs of damage, any number of safety issues might arise.

Before you fill up your pool, you should be sure to check for signs of damage along the water line and pool bed. A single tear or break in the pool’s lining could lead to nasty scrapes and scratches. Keep in mind that plaster and fiberglass surface materials only last between five and 25 years; if your pool is getting old, it might be time to resurface its interior.

A potential leak in your pool’s liner could also open up your pool to a slew other issues. It’s estimated that up to 14% of the water we use each day is the result of leaks, resulting in money literally going down the drain.

A leak could also put your pool at risk for bugs and other forms of contamination. Along with checking your pool’s lining, you should also check the pH of your pool every day before you swim. A poor pH might lead to skin damage, eye irritation, and other health issues that might land you in an urgent care clinic. Chemical treatments and chlorine are also vital in stopping the accumulation of potentially dangerous bacteria.

To round out your pool preparation checklist, be sure to check your pool’s gate, ensure your pool toys and safety features are up to par, and don’t forget to have a first-aid kit at the ready.

Take care of your drinkware

When temperatures start to rise, hydration is key. But between spilling your drink on the beach and remembering to clean your reusable bottle, bringing fresh water to your favorite swimming spot isn’t the easiest endeavor.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to clean your water bottle. If you haven’t got a scrubber with a longer handle, you can use rice to get the gunk that your sponge can’t reach. You can also try soaking your water bottle in soap and shaking it up every once in a while to get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Just be sure to rinse it thoroughly after trying either of these methods.

If you’re struggling with spills on the beach, you can also try toting a new glass onto the sand. The newest product to hit the market is the spill-proof, floating wine glass from Beach Glass. These wine glasses have a pointed bottom, allowing them to stick into the sand with ease. Better yet, you can bring your drink into the pool with you thanks to its buoyant design.

Don’t let the heat ruin your look

Even though the summer is known for its gorgeous makeup, heat and humidity might dampen your long-lasting look. When you want your makeup to beat the heat, try these tips for a seamless finish:

  • Wear less makeup than you would in the winter and avoid heavy finishes.
  • Try out waterproof options instead.
  • Test out different lip looks. Lipstick typically lasts longer than foundations and is easily touched up throughout the day. It can also help elevate an otherwise simple makeup look.
  • Apply makeup with your fingers instead of a brush. The heat from your hands will help the product stay on your skin for longer periods of time. Just be sure to wash your hands before application.

But your makeup isn’t the only part of your look that might suffer in the heat and humidity. Taking care of your hair is just as important, especially if it’s dyed or if you rely on extensions. Up to 38% of women regularly use extensions as a part of their beauty routine, but harsh pool chemicals and humidity might damage your look.

Put your hair into a bun or ponytail before venturing out into the water to maintain your hair and stop it from touching harsh chemicals. If humidity has resulted in frizz or puffiness, you can also invest in anti-frizz shampoos and conditioners. Keep in mind that you only need to wash your hair a few times a week. When you wash your hair every other day or every two days, you’ll find that your hair is less damaged and more healthy. Washing with a conditioner will also keep some of your hair’s natural oils from being stripped, a vital step after going to the beach or working up a sweat.

Summertime means that the living’s easy, but only if you invest in the proper preparations. When you’re ready to spend your days poolside, try out these tips for an easy, breezy summer.

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