Should You Get a Car or a Motorcycle?

If you are looking to get your own vehicle for personal use, you may have considered getting a motorcycle. Many people are drawn to the idea of getting a motorcycle but are unsure whether they should make the switch from driving a car. If you are interested in motorcycling but are unsure whether to stick to the safe option of a car, this guide will help you consider the different factors and choose what is best for your needs.

Motorcycle parked on a road near Fall trees


Let’s face it – a car has a few clear advantages over a bike or scooter when it comes to practicality in everyday life. If you need to carry passengers or items like shopping, a car is probably a better bet for you. Cars also do not require you to wear a certain outfit or a crash helmet, and they shield you from the elements due to the roof over your head.

However, motorbikes do have some advantages. The fact that they are so much smaller than cars not only means that they are easier to store and find a parking space for, but also means that you can fit through smaller gaps in traffic while on the roads. Motorcycles are also easier and quicker to clean than cars in most cases.


Cars are almost always more expensive upfront than motorcycles. You can get a motorcycle or scooter for a pretty low price on sites like Motorcycles are also more fuel-efficient than cars. However, in the long run, things look a little different. The insurance for motorcycles can often be more expensive than that of cars, as there is a perception that motorcyclists may be more dangerous on the roads. The cost of maintenance for a motorcycle can also rival or even exceed the cost of maintenance for a car. Overall, costs are likely to be relatively similar in the long run.

Driving Experience

When it comes to the experience of driving a car versus riding a motorbike, the two could not be more different. As mentioned earlier, a car shields you from the elements, so is a clear winner when it comes to comfort. You can also listen to music or podcasts in a car, which may be a huge plus to you if you need something to listen to on a journey.

Compared to driving a car, riding a bike is a much more physical experience that includes the whole body. Using your balance to steer has benefits for your physical health yet requires more effort. However, the driving experience is one of the main appeals for motorcycle enthusiasts! There is something about being closer to the road and feeling the engine rumble beneath you that is hugely appealing for many people, and hard to replicate in car. If you are drawn to the pure, visceral thrill of driving, a motorcycle may be the best choice for you.

Overall, the ideal vehicle for you will be dependent on what you are getting it for. Generally speaking, a car is more suited to everyday tasks like shopping and commuting, whereas a motorcycle excels at the raw pleasure of the driving experience. If you have the space and the money to spare, why not get both?

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