Should Your Family Get A Hybrid Car?

Buying a new car for your family can be confusing! There’s so much to consider from budget to size, used or new and which power type. It can be challenging to know whether to go for petrol, diesel or a hybrid car. Let’s consider exactly what a hybrid car is, and some of the advantages of investing in one. 


What is a hybrid car? 

Hybrid cars have an electric motor which is battery powered, as well as a diesel or petrol engine. The electric motor works in assistance with the traditional engine. The motor can also power the car entirely for short distances. The small battery recovers energy which would have remained unused, for example, the energy from slowing down. The energy goes into the motor and aids driving at slow speeds or acceleration. The engine functions to charge the batteries if the car needs extra power. Some hybrids use regenerative braking; the energy used to brake is utilized as power elsewhere. 

What are the different types of hybrid cars?

One type of hybrid car is the parallel hybrid. With a parallel hybrid vehicle, the wheels are powered by either both power sources, just the electric motor or just the engine. The electric motor is always used for pulling away and low speeds. The normal engine is called upon when the speed is increased. These cars use the regenerative braking system.

Another type of hybrid vehicle is the range extender. These cars use their normal engine only for electricity to recharge the batteries. The conventional engine never actually drives the vehicle.

Thirdly, there’s the plug-in hybrid. You can plug these cars into an outlet to charge up the batteries. With a plug-in hybrid car, you can charge while driving also. Essentially these share features of both completely electric cars and traditional hybrid cars.

There are also self-charging hybrid cars which do not need plugging in to charge. A few examples of popular hybrid cars are the Toyota Yaris, Mercedes S560e, or the Volvo XC90 T8. There are plenty of advantages to buying a hybrid vehicle; let’s take a look. 

Lower Emissions

An electric motor means that there is less pressure on the engine. Due to this, hybrid cars produce a lower level of emissions. The engine runs for less time, and so these cars contribute less to polluting the air. As the protection of our earth becomes increasingly important, you’ll want to do your bit too! 

Cheaper to run 

Although hybrids can sometimes cost more upfront, although not always,  as you can see when you use this biweekly payments calculator to see how much you’ll pay, you don’t need as much fuel to run a hybrid car, which means you’ll save yourself some money! Hybrids use up to 30% less fuel than a traditional fuel-powered vehicle. With so many costs associated with motoring these days, you’ll likely be glad to save a bit of cash for your family. Cautious driving means that you’ll use less fuel overall as no power is wasted on hard acceleration. 


Hybrid technology is very reliable, and so your family will have a car that you can really depend on. Hybrids can end up being more reliable than traditional cars. The engine doesn’t run when driving slowly, so the engine experiences less wear and tear. When it comes to the brakes, you can use regenerative brakes and save yourself from using the conventional braking system. With a hybrid car, you’ll ensure that you car-parts are long-lasting and remain in good condition.  


When you’re buying a new car, you’ll want to consider your car insurance costs. It’s best to have a shop around to make sure that you are getting the best deal you can. Sometimes insurers will provide discounts for hybrid drivers, but not always. Some research has indicated that drivers of hybrid cars drive fewer miles overall and consequently are a lower insurance risk. If your chosen provider does not offer such discounts, check if there are any other discounts that you may qualify for. Low mileage drivers or accident-free drivers can also sometimes get money off.

It’s best to have an idea of the model and size that you want before you start car shopping. As well as this, consider your budget. Motoring costs are a sizeable monthly expense so it’s worth saving money where you can. Having a budget in mind before you look at cars will ensure you don’t get carried away! Remember to test drive each vehicle that you are considering. It’s crucial that you feel entirely comfortable driving whichever car that you choose.

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