Showing Your Children the Power of Community

Learning to set a good example to our children is, understandably, a very important practice, but when we are trying to help our family out, the things they need to carry with them into later life are mainly about the environment they grew up in. As the expression goes, “it takes a village,” and when we think about what our local community can do for us, it is, in many ways, the babysitter we don’t necessarily appreciate! It’s so important to show our children the power of community. But what are the ways that we can help our children get inspired by the community, but also foster a more sustainable mindset for communities in general?

Hands on a tree branch symbolizing the unity of a community

Teach Your Children the Importance of “Looking After Their Patch”

Any sustainability-based mindset starts with the importance of looking after the environment immediately around us. If you want your children to change the world, you’ve got to start closer to home. And this means that we can not only become a bit more community-focused, but also think about the things that we can do at home to improve the quality of life, and save the planet. One of the best examples is to start operating more sustainably at home, by having solar panels, and learning how to reduce energy and material wastage. Any solar company will show you how to do this properly, and it is such a simple way to plant the seed in your child’s mind. When we start to look after our little patch, it means we learn the duties of responsibility very young. 

Giving Your Children More Knowledge

We can grow up taking things for granted, for example, if we lived in an area that was full of greenery, we might not have appreciated it until we moved away. In order to teach your children the importance of appreciating what is around them, it’s about making sure they know more about what the community is like on a grassroots level (literally). When we think about something like a tree, we don’t necessarily give much thought as to what it took to grow that tree, but if we give our children the knowledge, it will instigate a deeper way of thinking. It’s something that we all learn as we get older, and realizing that there was ignorance in our lives as we grew up, but this is where we can make things better for our children, not least when it comes to being more environmentally friendly. 

The Power of Relationships Within a Community

Community spirit is something that is dwindling, not least in the modern world, and while the pandemic has made people invest more in their communities, it has probably made you think and reassess all of your relationships. So, when it comes to community thinking, it’s important to copy the examples set by those communities that are looking to keep the spirit alive. And the best way to start is by offering help to your neighbors. It’s a very simple way to give the olive branch, but it’s also a great way for you to get your children involved as well. We can very much operate with a blinkered mindset, and it is crucial for children to be aware of what is going on around them, and this means that by offering to help the old couple down the road with their grocery shopping, or starting a neighborhood watch initiative are things that can improve the morale in the community, but it is another way to set a solid example for a community-based mindset. We cannot underestimate the examples we set for our children, and if we want our children to appreciate what communities are about, we’ve got to start in this way. 

Show Your Children the World at Large

Perspective is crucial, and when our children are growing up in a close-knit community, they may not appreciate the reality of what is actually out there. This is one of the best ways to reinforce community-based thinking, but also expose your children to the Big Wide World. The world is competitive, and it’s not easy, which is why it’s so important to show your children what life is like out there as well, because it makes them more prepared to go out into the world when they are older, and also appreciate what they have now. 

Showing your children the power of community is not easy, not least in the modern world but this is where we can start to learn the lessons of appreciating what is all around us as well.

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