Boosting Your Neglected Farm Garden

Do you have a neglected farm? When you spend all your time working on your farm, it is almost impossible to find a minute to tend your garden as well – especially in the summer when everything is happening! While you are busy sorting out your crops or looking after the animals, the sun and weeds are happily taking charge.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks you can use to give your neglected garden the best chance to thrive while you are limited on time. After all, busy people deserve to have beautiful gardens too!

Use Mulch to Give Your Soil a Boost

Throughout the summer months, all your plants will be working hard to suck up as many nutrients from the soil as they can. While this is great for a fabulous floral display, when you have a lot of plants, it is likely that they will end up competing for everything they need.

Mulch is essentially compost but before it has reached a soil-like stage. It incorporates bits of organic matter such as bark and wood chips and is laid on top of the soil rather than raked in. You can make your own mulch quite easily using a wood chipper or you could have a look at Edrich Lumber who offer bigger deliveries made using recycled materials.

Install a Sprinkler System

In the hotter months, getting to your garden and lawn in time to give it a good drink is more important than at any other time. And yet, this is still your busiest time! Installing the best sprinklers for small lawns and gardens is really the only way forward.

If you are worried about the environmental impact of using sprinklers, it is very easy to install a system that collects water from the roof or even grey water from your sink and washers. Grey water is just fine for your garden and you could even add a reed bed if you are worried about unfiltered water.

Have a look at how it’s done:

Use Plants that Help Themselves

Some plants are much needier than others and if you are rushed off your feet, you need to avoid anything that needs your undivided attention. As a general rule, plants that are happy to self-seed are fairly easy to look after because they are essentially weeds – albeit rather lovely ones.

Let it grow is a great mantra to have – the plants that flourish will be the ones that are most satisfied when left alone and those are the ones you should focus on again. Plus, if you are working with your environment, you will end up attracting lots of lovely wildlife to populate your garden too.

Similarly, trees and shrubs are often happier left alone and aside from some pruning later on in the season, with plenty of water, they will be fine throughout the summer. Plus, if you choose trees with larger canopies, they will offer more shade to your other plants, protecting them from hot sunlight.

Even when you don’t really have time to garden, with a couple of simple tricks and a more laissez-faire attitude, your neglected farm garden can still be a sight to behold.

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