Simple Ways to Combat Insomnia

I’ve had to combat insomnia for years. Discover a few of the simple changes I’ve made to my life that have made a tremendous difference!

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Insomnia. It can affect us all, and often without warning. One minute you’re enjoying your life, and the next – bam! You can’t sleep, you’re waking up at all hours, and you can’t focus on anything because you’re just too tired. Insomnia can be caused by many things, including stress and anxiety from personal life, work, or the world around you. If you’re struggling with your sleep, you’re not alone – but you’re not helpless, either. Below is a list of a few simple ways you can combat your insomnia, and get back to a healthier, happier you!

Regular Routines

The absolute best thing you can do to combat insomnia is to make your daily (and nightly) routine as regular as possible. We’re talking going to bed at the same time, yes, but we’re also talking about the couple of hours leading up to that point! Try to start winding down a little bit earlier to get your body ready for sleep – a shower is a great way to make yourself dozy – and relaxing without putting pressure on yourself. There’s no better way to keep yourself awake than worrying about going to sleep!

Technology Detox

Now you might be thinking this is an obvious one, but it’s also so important! The National Sleep Foundation has found that using your devices before bed stimulates your mind in many different ways, making it impossible to get to sleep easily. The best way to combat this is to leave your technology outside the bedroom if possible. Make this a rule with your partner (just like stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz!) and put a basket by the door for all your devices. Instead, try going old school and reading a chapter of a book, or listening to the radio!

Medication and Herbal Help

What you put in your body can have a massive difference in how you sleep! Try drinking a hot, soothing drink just before sleep – even just a hot chocolate can be amazing at sending you off to dreamland. If you’re still struggling, there are some amazing sleep supplements that can give you that special extra help to hit the hay!


Some people might think it’s overrated, but there is nothing as good as meditation to calm your mind and help you zone out and relax. We’ve gone way past just counting sheep, and lots of scientists have found that meditating has incredible benefits for your health and well-being. If you’re not a meditation pro, never fear – there are some great guided meditations available online that are specifically to help people fall asleep. Give them a try!


It might seem obvious – but that’s because it works. Getting enough exercise every day will help your body feel tired in the evenings, and your mind to relax and feel like you deserve and need the sleep. Some brilliant types of exercise to combat insomnia are cardiovascular activities like swimming and running, which use and oxygenate your whole body. Yoga is also brilliant to practice just before bed, and there are some great online resources and flows specifically to get you ready for sleep!

How do you combat insomnia? Share your ideas in the comments!

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