Simple Ways to Give Your Diet a Boost

Give your diet a boost with these simple tips. They’ll help improve your health and eat better. The entire family can benefit from these changes!

Add fruit and veg to every meal

The current guidelines suggest eating five pieces of fruit and veg a day, however the more you can get in, the better. The only real way to be able to do this is to add fruit and veg to every meal and incorporate it into snacks as well. You can drink a portion of orange juice and add fruit to cereal or yogurt in the morning, or whip up a smoothie. You can have exciting salads for lunch, or pack out sandwiches with salad. You can add a side salad or vegetables to just about any evening meal. For snacks, think outside the box. Fresh fruit is always great, but add dried fruit to a yogurt, snack on olives or dip chopped cucumber, carrot sticks or sugar snap peas into hummus. It doesn’t have to be boring or ever feel like ‘rabbit food’!

Choose all natural ingredients

Any fruit and vegetables you can eat will benefit your body, but to go a step further try and buy organic where you can. This is most important when you’re buying fruits and veggies where you eat the skin (for example, you’d eat the skin on apples, grapes and strawberries but not oranges or melons). This is because non organic produce can contain pesticides which can still linger even after washing. There have been some links to pesticides and cancer, and although things like breast cancer treatment and all other kinds of cancer treatments these days are excellent, prevention where possible is always best. 

Learn to cook

When you can cook well, you can turn simple ingredients into really tasty dishes, without having to add things like salt, sugar and fat. Instead, herbs and spices bring the food to life and add flavor, meaning you can eat well and always be satisfied. Watch cooking programs and videos on Youtube, read through recipes on blogs and in cookbooks. Get familiar with ingredients and flavors and most importantly, get in the kitchen and get practicing. You’ll improve over time and are likely to eat much better. 

Don’t be afraid of oils

Oils and fats get a bad rep- the wrong kinds of oils definitely can be bad as they contain saturated fat which can clog arteries and cause all kinds of health issues. But fats are not all the same, healthy oils such as olive, coconut and avocado oil can have fantastic health benefits. Cooking with these oils will make your food tasty and satisfying and provide your body with all kinds of benefits. Just be careful to account for the calories, as they are still high in calories so need to be used in moderation. 

What tips do you have to give your diet a boost?

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