Simple Ways to Save Money at Home

Money is hard earned meaning it’s a precious resource- so the last thing you want to be doing is wasting it. And unless you’re very careful with your spending at home, chances are there are lots of areas where your budget is hemorrhaging money. Here are a few to consider if you want to save money at home.

Save Money at Home

Utility bills

Unfortunately we all have to pay bills, there’s no escaping that. However, we don’t have to pay over the odds, and most people are. Utility bill companies tend to be very competitive, meaning that they offer the best prices to new customers to get them on board. What this can mean as an existing customer though is you can end up paying a little more. To avoid this, every year you should be switching to a new company that can offer you the best rates for the duration of your contract- once that’s up you can repeat the process again. Comparison sites make this really easy to do, and usually a morning of phone calls is all that’s needed. You can save a good chunk of money over the course of the year by doing this, and snag yourself offers that simply wouldn’t have been available to you had you been loyal to one company. Rather this money stay in your pocket than be paid to these big companies. 

Your car

Being a motorist is never going to be cheap. You have tax and insurance to pay, MOTs, breakdown cover, repair costs and so much more. It’s usually worth it to have the ability to get around easily, and for some people owning a car is absolutely essential to be able to get to work. Giving it up to save money might not be an option but there are things you can do to keep costs down. It sounds counter intuitive, but spending more money on a newer car is often a good way to go. Chances are it will be more reliable saving you on repair costs, and the tax and insurance will also cost you less. When you’re looking into buying a car, choose a model with good fuel economy and you’ll save on gas too. If you need to be able to get around but don’t need all of the space of a car, switching to a motorbike could work out cheaper for you, and due to the fact that bikes can filter through traffic you might find it’s much better for getting to and from work at rush hour too. 


We all love our food, eating really is one of life’s pleasures. But chances are, you’re spending far more than you need to. You don’t need to give up all of your favorite things or resort to eating a bland, cheap diet. Just start planning better!

Each week create a menu, and make a shopping list based on this. Not only will you avoid waste but shopping to a list helps you to avoid making impulse purchases you don’t need too. Consider batch cooking, that way you can buy lots of inexpensive vegetables and meat and turn them into ready to eat portions of food without them going bad. Simply pop them in the freezer and they’re ready to microwave whenever you need a fast meal. Much healthier and cheaper than ordering in a takeaway!

Building up a pantry at home can also be really useful, fill it with long life items like pasta, rice, jars, tins, herbs and spices. That way if you’re short on fresh ingredients you can whip up something tasty from the store cupboard without having to do lots of expensive ‘top up shops’ in between grocery shops. Plus, every time you make a recipe you already have a selection of ingredients ready to go instead of having to buy every single thing each time. 

Digital subscriptions

Digital subscriptions are great. For just a little money each month we can have access to music on sites like Spotify, tv and movies on Netflix or fast shopping with services like Amazon Prime. Because they’re not that much on their own, we don’t tend to question them much when it comes to looking at our budget. But these things really can add up, and if you’re not using them as much as you should be then they’re simply a waste of money.

A good rule of thumb is to cancel everything for one month, anything you really miss after a month, subscribe again. If you hardly notice the difference then keep them cancelled and use this money towards something else. Another thing you could do is to utilize family plans, often it’s much cheaper to get the one family plan on sites like Netflix for all of your household members than lots of you all paying separate fees. 


Finally, socializing is a lot of fun- it’s a great way to keep close bonds with your loved ones and generally have a good time. If you socialize at home you can save money compared with going out, but not always. If you’re forever buying lots of food and wine for barbecues, dinner parties and other occasions then it can really add up. There are ways you can keep these costs down while still having a great time, ask people to bring a bottle or if you’re having a barbecue, something to throw on the grill. If you’re having a dinner party, go ‘potluck’ style where everyone brings a dish. It reduces the c

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