Single Moms: Budgeting Tips that Work

Budgeting tips while being a single mom has always been a hard business, from caring for the kids, being the sole support in your household, and still trying to find the time to do the things that keep you sane and healthy

While most single mothers know that self-care is necessary to keep going and be the best parent they can be, it sometimes falls by the wayside when bills come knocking at the door. In this blog, you’ll find a few budgeting tips that will help you as a single mom, and still give you time to take care of yourself and enjoy your kids at the same time. 

Budgeting Tips Planner/Calendar that can be used to keep track of income and expenses

Start By Simplifying Your Budget

The first thing you should do is simplify your budget. Start with a question such as, how much should I spend on rent, since that’s your biggest bill, then work your answer into your budget before you go out and find the right place to live for you and your kids.

Once you know how much your rent and utilities are going to be, add everything up. Remember, that bills aren’t the only expenses you’ll have. You want to add things such as activities with the kids, groceries, school clothes and trips, basically anything that you might have to come up with during the month other than normal bills like rent and utilities. That will help you simplify your budgeting tips by knowing pretty much what you’re going to need in a month. 

Check Weekly Ads for Coupons and Deals

Setting up a budget is a whole lot easier than sticking to it, and even having the money too. You can help with that by checking weekly ads for coupons and deals on everything from groceries to movies and activities for you and the kids to do together. You’d be surprised how much coupons and searching for discounts for activities can save you weekly. Couponing is very popular at the moment, so give it a try.

Automate Your Finances for Budgeting Tips Made Easy

One of the best tips you can get as a single mom on a budget is to automate your finances. As a single mom, you’re always going to be super busy, meaning it’s really easy for you to forget a bill. The last thing you want is past due bills that will eventually ruin your credit. Repairing your credit is a whole lot harder than ruining it, so make sure to automate your finances so your bills are paid on time. 

Try to Increase Your Income

While this is often easier said than done, increasing your income will help you budget and your family quite a bit. There are plenty of side jobs online that can lead to extra money, from freelancing writing to writing books, and from selling things on eBay and Etsy to transcriptionists. 

Another way to increase your income with budgeting tips is to go back to school. It’ll be hard in the beginning, but completely worth it in the end when you have that diploma and can move up in your field of work or get a better job altogether. 

It’s also important to get out of any debt you’re up under as soon as possible, so you can start fresh with you and your kids on your own. Start by paying off any little balances you have on credit cards and work your way forward from there, you’ll be glad you did. 

These are just a few tips for single moms when it comes to budgeting. Remember, you can do this. You have your kids and with determination, anything is possible.

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