Six Steps To A Successful Move

A successful move is possible — our family did it using all six of these tips last year!

It doesn’t matter your background; moving can be very stressful. You can be a busy career person who has very little time for themselves, or you can be a lady of leisure who doesn’t work – moving can be a stressful situation to be in. You not only have to consider the fact that you are uprooting your life, but you also must consider the possibility that you may not be as organized as you would like to get this done on time. With that in mind, let’s look at six steps to a successful moving to make life much easier for you.

A successful move is possible -- our family did it using all six of these tips last year!

Choose A Date.

The very first step to a successful move is knowing when it’s going to happen. You need to set a date and give yourself time actually to find a new home and pack. Think about how you can create more space in your day for packing. Break it up and get everything packed slowly day by day rather than saving it all until the last minute.

Sort The Mail.

When you move house, you need to forward all of your mail to a new address. However, some people like to stop the mail services coming to their home a week or so before they actually move. For this, you can use to keep your mail coming, but arriving somewhere else. It’s one of those jobs that you will save time on if you do it early enough!

Create A Timeline.

Are you aiming to move in six weeks? This means that you need to create a list of things that you need to do associated with your move and get your moving truck booked and your packing supplies ready for delivery. If you’re busy, look into a packing service to pack everything for you. Think about a yard sale for the things that you don’t want to bring and determine whether you can pack without disruption throughout the few weeks until you go.

Time For A Cull.

If you haven’t used something within six months, you don’t need it. Start combing through all of your belongings and make sure that you can get rid of the stuff that you don’t use anymore. This is going to free up your packing space and make it so that you’re not ferrying clutter to the new house.

Divide The Packing.

Every day, commit to packing two boxes. This stops the entire process of moving from becoming overwhelming, and it also means that you do get the packing done. It also makes unloading much easier, and any essential documents and papers can be packed into the last box so that you know where everything is.

Cancel The Utilities.

Don’t forget to cancel your suppliers; otherwise, you’ll be paying money for utilities for a house in which you do not live any longer. 

Moving to a new house doesn’t have to be stressful if you take your time and get organized. The right planning can make a big difference to your home move and make it a far more pleasant experience. 

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