Small Kitchen Problems? Make It Look Bigger

Small kitchen problems? Does your kitchen feel overcrowded, leaving you with no space to operate? Well, you do not need to break down any walls to create more space. By just making a few adjustments in the design, your kitchen can appear to be spacious.

Small Kitchen

You only need to consider three things; your kitchen lighting, wall color, and cooking equipment. If you have no plans of getting rid of your kitchen equipment or changing your lights, then you should repainting the space. However, before you make any significant changes to your kitchen, it is best if you consult with the landlord if you rent.

You need to creatively utilize the space you have if you want to create an illusion of a bigger kitchen.

Tips to Make Your Kitchen More Spacious

Use color to make your kitchen appear bigger

You can use cool neutral color shades on your walls to visually support an open feel. You should maintain consistency by painting the same color on all your walls, doors, and ceiling. Avoid incorporating an accent wall with a bold hue color when your walls are light-toned.

The results may be different in a huge kitchen, but in a small one, it creates a sense of restriction and segmentation. You can add oomph to your monotone kitchen by placing tea towels and various accessories of color at strategic locations around the kitchen.

Direct the focus upwards

Remember, there is a space that is above your head. You can add creative decor items by placing them close to the ceiling than the floor, obliging visitors to acknowledge the area above their heads and admire your creativity at the same time.

Allow natural light into your kitchen

Ensure that there is enough light flowing into your kitchen through the window. The view should look like an extension to the outside. Get rid of any drapery or blinds and only use sheer curtains. When natural light flows through the window to the kitchen, it will create a feeling of airiness and help to expand the space optically.

Changing your cabinet color

If your cabinets are of a shadowy color, they will make a kitchen appear smaller by absorbing all the light in the room. You need to change the cabinet painting to a lighter color. If they are not in good shape, make sure you reface them or replace them with new ones.

Use flooring with a pattern

Horizontal lines help to create a space appear wider by pulling your view from the side to side. You can choose to install a tile flooring that is parallel to the entrance. You can as well place a rug with horizontal stripes at the entrance to create a similar effect.

Install accent lights

The top of a cabinet creates contrast points that can make the kitchen feel crampy. It develops shadows on the ceiling with sharp visual lines. You can make the room feel a little bit more open by softening the shadows and installing an accent light above the cabinet.

You can as well install the accent lights above the kitchen counter, below the cabinets to get rid of your small kitchen problems.

Be Creative

Apart from the list above, there are numerous other tricks you can use to give the appearance of a kitchen upgrade. You can try to move around furnishings and getting rid of unnecessary clutter. You need to be a little bit creative to make a tiny kitchen look spacious.

What ideas do you have to get rid of small kitchen problems?

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