SPAM® Recipes – Tasty Uses for Canned Meat!

SPAM® recipes were requested by a regular reader earlier this week. Check out some tasty uses I found for the canned meat!

Stacks of SPAM®

Earlier in the week, I reached out to some of my regular readers for blog inspiration. One request that came across my desk took me by surprise – SPAM® recipes! After spending a couple of days reaching out to some blogger friends, I came up with some tasty options for y’all to try.

When I was a kid, SPAM® was one of my favorite breakfast options for our weekend. During the week, we always had cereal or something quick and easy. My parents weren’t exactly morning people. After getting pregnant with my oldest son, there were certain smells that I couldn’t tolerate. SPAM® was one of them. Now, I love it again!

Feel free to stop by their blogs and let them know if you like their recipe. They’d also appreciate shares, pins, etc. Enjoy!

Tasty Side Ideas for SPAM®:

Check out these tasty SPAM® Recipes!

Air Fryer SPAM® & Potatoes

Cooking SPAM® with Potatoes is tasty in an air fryer!

The Typical Mom’s Air Fryer Spam and Potatoes will put a crispy meal on the table in less than 20 minutes. Fried taters are one of my boys’ favorite side dishes. They’ve already requested this one!

Grilled SPAM® Steak Sandwich

Grilled SPAM® Steak Sandwich

Fire up the grill and create an upgraded sandwich that is perfect for enjoying at home, BBQs, picnics and more from Little Sunny Kitchen!

SPAM® Tacos? Yes, please!

Calling all taco lovers — try something new and flavorful with SPAM® and avocado tacos from Little Sunny Kitchen! Topped with guacamole and creamy lemon cilantro sauce, these are full of flavor.

SPAM® Fritters!

Air Fryer SPAM® Fritters

During WWII, SPAM® was one of the most popular options for meat because it was affordable and readily available. These SPAM® Fritters from Recipe This bring back a lot of my childhood memories of breakfast with my grandpa. Try them out!

What kind of recipes do you enjoy making with SPAM®? Comment below!

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