Staying Healthy During Your Summer Pregnancy

Being pregnant in the summer is very challenging. This is because the external heat and humidity heighten your internal temperature. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy and cool during your summer pregnancy.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is good for everyone’s health. It becomes even more important when you’re pregnant. Increasing your water intake helps to keep you cool by regulating your body temperature. You should drink about 8 to 10 glasses a day and more if you are exercising.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Although sitting in the sun is common practice in the summer, it would be best to refrain from doing so. This is because too much heat can cause serious health problems for pregnant women. Some examples include headaches, constipation, heat exhaustion, stomach cramps, and extreme thirst, which could further affect the baby. It would be best for you to stay in an air-conditioned home or if you need to go outside, wear a hat, use sunscreen and stay in the shade.

Take a Cool Bath

On sweltering days, you may need a way to lower your body temperature. If you don’t have a pool, taking a cool bath is another way to keep yourself cool. If you opt to bathe in warm water, it would be wise to install an energy-efficient water heater. This is because the normal water heater has been seen by the Department of Energy to add up to 18% of your energy consumption.

Wear Comfy Clothes

The summer heat can make you feel very irritable. This is because the heat causes you to sweat, which makes you feel very uncomfortable. Tight clothes would then not be helpful because they may cause itchiness or even a rash. Wearing loose-fitting clothing made of cotton may reduce the discomfort caused by the heat by allowing a free flow of air. Such clothing will also reduce the friction between your skin and the material. Also, carry around a hat and wear bright-colored clothing when you go outside to avoid absorbing a lot of heat.

Put Your Feet Up

Swelling is prone to occur during pregnancy and gets worse in the summer. The swelling is caused by excessive water retention in your body, which tends to go to the lowest parts of your body, especially in hot climates. Blood circulation is also disturbed by the added weight of the baby, which strains your legs. You should therefore put your feet up above your heart to alleviate the pressure.

Wash Your Hands Often

You are bound to come into contact with numerous objects filled with bacteria. This bacteria could then come into contact with your food or even your face and give you a cold or a stomach ache. Research shows that signs of a cold last for 2- 14 days, and it would take you just above a week to be fully healed. One effective way to avoid such illnesses is to get into the habit of washing your hands constantly.

Eat Healthy

Eating a lot of protein is essential during your pregnancy. Protein aids with the growth of both the infant and the mother. Some good sources of protein are avocados and yogurt. Eating such foods will help keep you and the baby healthy in the summer.


One way to relax would be to take naps during the day. Also, try not to overwhelm yourself with tasks that may drain your energy. Some other ideas of relaxing activities are to do yoga, get a massage, or take walks. Because there are over 28 million small companies in the U.S., you’ll have a wide range of service providers to choose from who offer prenatal relaxation services.

The hot summer months can be very tricky during pregnancy. While this may be the case, we hope that these tips will make your pregnancy more comfortable.

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